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14 Jun 2017

Why Outsourcing Construction Documentation Is The Best Business Decision

Architectural presentation drawings are the most crucial documents produced during a building project. Thus, the construction documentation phase is one of the most significant steps in the architectural design process. It incorporates working drawings that reflect an extensive level of information regarding the details of the entire construction process.

The documentation phase starts once the builders and the clients mutually agree upon the concept design. The construction drawings include sketches and drawings such as elevations, section drawings and much more. The builders and the construction team get a thorough understanding of the building process before even beginning to construct the structure.

Why Outsource Construction Documentation?

Keeping up with the ever-changing market and quality standards:

There have been so many technological advancements in the last few years that setting oneself apart from the other construction companies have become quite challenging. There are new and much improved international standards of quality that are currently dominating the industry.

Also, with market fluctuations, the demands of the final output vary from time to time. Meeting these requirements can be a daunting task. This is when outsourcing construction documents can significantly make a difference. It allows one to create documents; as per the demands, while ensuring the costs don’t escalate.

Quantity vs. Quality:

The preparation of the CD sets in-house can be quite overwhelming as the number of documents to be generated is very high. This can get more challenging if you need to address many clients. It can have a negative impact on the quality of documentation. Even a small error in the drawings can lead to serious problems at a later stage.

Scarcity of support in the small/medium-sized companies:

When it comes to the smaller organizations, lack of manpower and resources is perceived to be a big obstacle in the development of architectural documentation.

Here are some of the top 5 benefits of outsourcing construction documentation:

Meeting the global standards of quality and specialization:

Quality is the biggest credential on basis of which the clients select the company. Hence, staying well versed with the new global standards and specializations is key to delivering top quality construction documentation. Companies like BluEntCAD employ skilled drafters who are specialized in specific services. This means that they are extremely thorough with their work and are capable of exceeding their client’s expectations.

Minimizing the risk of cost escalation:

When one decides to get construction documentation done in-house, it means that they not only need to get the equipment but also get the employees trained for this work. Outsourcing construction documentation will help in saving the money needed for salaries and to pay for the items. Also, when one knows the exact cost for the service when the project is handed over, there is not the slightest risk of cost escalation later.

Conquering the project and delivery timelines:

By outsourcing construction document sets timely delivery can be ensured as, with the right expertise and dedicated drafters, the deadlines are met easily. They can be located and functioning in different time zones, this can be an upside, as the work will continue to go on even if your office is closed for some reason. Once a proper time schedule is provided to the drafters and there are regular follow-up meetings, you can assure prompt delivery of the working drawings.

Getting the right expertise:

When outsourcing construction drawing, it is really crucial to select the appropriate and the ‘right’ drafters. This is to assure that the required quality standards are met. In this sector, not getting it right the first time can prove to be very disastrous for the clients, employers and of course the environment. Also, when the number of clients is quite high or you need to build large structures, skilled and certified professionals such as those at BluEntCAD becomes mandatory.

Data security:

Data security is a big concern when it comes to this area of construction. Protection against data theft and leakage is a significant aspect of whether one outsources the job or gets it done in-house. Signing confidentiality agreements such as a non-disclosure agreement or other similar ones can help in handling this concern effectively. By outsourcing construction documentation with a reputed company like BluEntCAD this can be addressed effortlessly.

BluEntCAD’s experienced team well versed in the global quality and specialization standards ensure that the most stringent quality standards are met. Having worked extensively on generating construction documentation, we always guarantee timely delivery at the most affordable costs. Reach us today for outsourcing construction documentation for your upcoming projects.

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