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07 Mar 2022

Revit Interior Design: Do Revit and Interior Design Go Together?

This blog has been updated on – March 07, 2022

Revit interior design is an increasingly popular concept among designers.

More interior designers are realizing how Revit services can be beneficial to their work. The 3D visuals created with Revit modeling lets your client see exactly what their interiors will look like, saving time and money.

Introduction: The Use of Revit

Revit is a software designed by Autodesk and was launched in April 2000. It is not a 2D drafting program like AutoCAD, but instead a parametric modeling program similar to 3ds Max. While AutoCAD includes some 3D modeling tools, unlike Revit, these are not parametric. However, Revit and AutoCAD do complement each other.

The intent of Revit was to fill the gaps for AutoCAD in architectural drawings and take it one step further. Furthermore, while Revit is often used for Building Information Modeling (BIM), they are not the same

Revit is the most widely used BIM software among architects. What’s more, according to a survey by the American Society of Landscape Architects’ Digital Technology Professional Practice Network, 21.8% of ASLA members use Revit, and 30.6% are interested in using a BIM workflow. Out of the members that use Revit, 11.06% claim it is vital to their workflow, and 12.39% use it daily. 

Can You Use Revit for Interior Design?

Revit is used extensively for building design, but there is no reason it cannot be used for interior design (and indeed, it often is). Revit is more flexible than AutoCAD and shows you details you think are resolved, but aren’t.

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Making walls, doors, ceilings, partitions, and even casework becomes relatively simple with Revit modeling. Having said that, learning to use Revit can be difficult, and many designers are not thoroughly familiar with the software. In such cases, companies often turn to professional Revit modeling services.

To get a clear understanding of how well Revit interior design works, we need to look at the benefits. What features does Revit have that can contribute to creating practical, aesthetically pleasing interior designs? 

How Does Revit Contribute to Interior Design?

Revit interior design has numerous benefits:

  • Simpler interior design: Revit interior design makes work simpler. For example, when you add a door or window, it automatically fits itself into the wall. There are architectural features that are useful for interior space planning as well. Revit allows you to add casework, various types of furniture, fixtures and accessories to add a more lifelike look to the interiors.

  • 3D visualization: Revit modeling enables designers to create spaces in 3D as well as switch between 2D and 3D views. This can help clarify the design for clients and even attract investors. If BIM clash detection is used as well, interior designers can avoid major errors that could lead to higher costs or even compromised safety.

  • Data scheduling: With Revit schedules, designers can extract and use BIM data throughout projects. The schedules offer an interface for comparison to Microsoft Excel and can be used for viewing and editing data. For example, you can make Room Datasheets for a product list. 

  • Easy to make changes: Revit interior design can easily be modified if the need arises. The size of the furniture, doors, windows, etc. can be altered. Partitions can be moved and rearranged and furniture can be replicated.

  • Multiple views: In Autodesk Revit, you create the interior design as a single model. The greatest benefit  is that you can view this interior model in different views. You can see the floor plans, ceiling plans, elevations, sections, 3D views, etc. You do not have to create multiple copies of the model for each view. This flexibility helps to keep the project file simple and you do not have to worry about too much deviation from the main model in various views. Furthermore, any changes to the main file are reflected in each view.

  • Building a library: To avoid creating objects from scratch each time you make an interior design, you can make your own custom Revit library with families. When you create objects that are commonly used in your designs, you can add these objects to your library for future use. Later, you can resize these objects or perform simple modifications to suit the project.

  • Great presentation: There’s nothing like seeing a 3D visual of what your room interiors will look like. Revit interior design enables you to create a detailed depiction of what you have in mind.

Most interior designers present their clients with artistic sketches of the interior design. What if you could show them a photorealistic 3D rendering instead?


Revit has proven itself a useful tool not for just exteriors, but interiors, whether for hotels, clubhouses, commercial buildings, residential complexes, or government buildings. 

If you or your designers are not familiar with Revit, BluEntCAD is just a click away. We convert your drawings and sketches to Revit interior designs. Our professionals cater to homebuilders, architects, real estate developers, engineering companies and home designers for large to medium projects. Browse our portfolio to see how we’ve helped businesses like yours. 

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