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07 Mar 2018

Secrets to Strategizing an Exceptional and Incomparable Restaurant Design

Restaurants are no longer only about food or service.

There is a lot more that goes into the restaurant design. Today’s café or diner’s design communicates a story – it creates an exceptional experience and cultivates the mood contributing to an already memorable afternoon or evening. A good restaurant design shouldn’t be too loud. It should be enough to draw that subtle attention yet not interfere with what the place truly has to offer in terms of food and service. However, you will no longer hear people going to a place only because the food is great or ambiance is remarkable. The choices that people make are on basis of the blend of these elements – design, food, service and the overall experience. The design is important to create that first impression. People always want to explore – try new places. In terms of food, every restaurant is trying to be on the same pedestal offering exceptional quality. So food quality is not the benchmark for consumers to come back. It’s the unforgettable experience that your restaurant creates. The design has a huge role to play to make customers comfortable and connect to your space. The secret to a great restaurant design is a perfect blend of separate elements building a story, creating magic and leaving the customers gratified in more than just one way. Experts at BluEntCAD, one of the biggest leaders in AEC industry, have analyzed these elements in superior details. They have discussed these secret weapons in great details to showcase what a perfect working or construction drawing of restaurant should entail.

The brand connection: tell a story

The purpose here is to give your brand an identity. It will allow your customers to easily connect with the brand. Tell them a story through your design. The intricate design work in the restaurant working drawings needs to deliver messages that connect with the consumers. Having a set of luxurious design will only get you so far. Designs reflecting a story or a message will help in forming a deeper bonding with the consumers.

Blending of spaces

Today, a restaurant has so much to offer in terms of cuisine and spaces. Even your customers come with different agendas or program in mind. You will have couples sauntering in needing the ‘quiet’ to share more intimate moments with a loud group having fun. So these spaces need to be clearly segregated to suit each of their needs. Giving importance to their requirements in this case will encourage them to stay longer. However, though segregated a designer’s work is to blend in the spaces so beautifully that they don’t look ‘divided’. They need to include a multiple of seating options such as a bar; booth seating high seating, intimate seating and group seating. The complexity is to blend them in!

Focus on the entrance

Not many people give importance to entrances. An entrance is what gives a big picture of what the inner interiors and ambiance are going to offer. It is what sets the course. The first impression is indeed the last impression. If you entrance doesn’t create a visual impact, psychologically, you have already lost a great customer. The guests at your restaurant need to feel the warmth from the very beginning. Remember, they are looking for ’emotional’ experience and the entrance is what will deliver that feeling and take it a notch higher.

Lighting: the mood setter

Lighting is key. It is the most ‘repetitive’ trend in restaurant design. It sets the stage where emotions play out beautifully. The warmth, the beauty, and the ambiance – these are all a great result of good lighting. Lightings evoke the emotions you want to create and here are examples of what it can do – candles give out a romantic vibe, reddish lighting tends to make customers hungrier, low lighting creates a soothing and relaxing environment. You must ensure to add lights that fits with what you want to offer in terms of experience.

Create a ‘balanced’ atmosphere

The trickiest part in a restaurant is enchanting all the senses of your consumers. Not to forget, customers do come in with different agendas and their needs are quite different. This is a major element when building the ‘perfect’ experience for the consumers. While one corner of the space can have loud music to create a vibrant atmosphere, the other corner may need a softer volume. This is where getting the acoustics right is vital. There are complexities here because the acoustics are mostly dependent on the internal structure of the space, the materials etc. Designers usually work with those who are experts in the acoustic arena to integrate the restaurant with latest and hidden technologies in the absolutely ‘right’ corners to create the perfect balance of diverse space essentials.

BluEntCAD has worked on numerous restaurant design projects. They have an in-depth knowledge of the complexities of this market/business and know the significance of overruling immense competition. BluEntCAD 3D rendering professionals have managed to design a ‘winner’ personality of every restaurant design project.

They have studied the latest consumer and restaurant design trends and the need for ‘exceptional’ experience, magic and trends. Talk to us if you want to renovate your restaurant or have a plan for a brand new project.

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