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14 Apr 2016

Spring Cleaning Time: Tips & Tricks for your Home

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Who doesn’t like to keep things in place at our private territory also known as Home? But it’s not easy. We have to nurture and maintain our little heaven from time to time. We have got some important interesting tips to keep your sweet home running smoothly by ‘Clark Wilson Builder‘.

  • Clean Gutters: Clean your gutter and drain pipes, especially in the spring and fall season, regularly to avoid clogging or leaking.

  • Clean Fireplace: You should clean it every quarter of the year and make sure the damper closes tightly.

  • Clean Filter: Stove Hood, air conditioner, and washing machine’s dryer vent should be cleaned once a month. It increases the life of the equipment.

  • Safety Equipment: Get your home installed with safety equipment like smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and keep their batteries checked.

  • Air Conditioning Unit: If you have centralized air conditioners at your home, you should get it professionally inspected and serviced before the beginning of every cooling season.

  • Leaky Faucets: We often face this problem in our kitchens and bathrooms. We need to replace washers immediately to avoid leakage and conserve water.

  • Drafty doors and windows: Seal up all your drafty doors and windows to avoid pollen and allergens entering the home environment. It also keeps an eye on your energy bills by maintaining the set temperature in the house.

  • Roof check: You should check your roof for leaks regularly.

Here are some fun tricks by ‘Inspect it like a Girl‘. 🙂

  • If you want to enjoy painting your own house but find it little messy to pull off. Here is the trick, wrap a rubber band around the paint can. Wipe the brush at the rubber band to keep the sides of the can clean.

  • You can use toilet paper rolls to keep wrapping paper or charts from unrolling.

  • To keep extension cords from unplugging tie it simple and plug.

  • Interestingly, you can use clothespin to hold a small nail while hammering. Never thought about it, right?

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