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Sustainable Design Architecture And its Positive Effect on The Ecological System


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Sustainable Design Architecture

Today there is a lot of focus on sustainable design architecture. Preservation of the environment is high on the agenda. This kind of construction entails designing a building to rely on natural resources to cater to its functioning needs. It also defines the construction style and moderates the materials used.

Sustainable design architecture is in alignment with the Green Earth move. Environmentalists have left no sphere unturned when it comes to preserving the ecological system. Architecture is one of the many areas which have been targeted. The growing population and urban developments have led to a depletion of natural resources and polluting the environment among other factors.

The effect of indoor heating and air conditioning are not exactly what we can consider good for the environment. But we cannot disregard the need for it either. Sustainable design architecture is a solution to the growing concern.

Modern Building Architecture

What is sustainable design architecture?

Sustainable architecture can be described best as an ecological design. There are numerous ways in which we can design our buildings to be more eco-friendly. The agenda is to ensure that the design of the building is environment conscious in nature. This covers not just the construction technique but the manner in which the structure is constructed and its future functioning.

Sustainable design architecture ensures minimised negative impact on the environment. Sustainable architecture is not just limited to being environmentally friendly but it is also resource efficient.

Energy Generating Sustainable Architecture

Why should we consider sustainable design architecture?

Sustainable design architecture aims at reducing the adverse effect of a building to the environment. This is achieved by using efficient and environment friendly building techniques, such as moderating the use of energy and materials.

How can we make our architecture sustainable? Much of our design has to do with the comforts that we incorporate into our structures. We implement many features such as heating, air-conditioning, ventilation and lighting which are not necessarily eco-friendly.

Using sustainable design architecture we can contribute towards the ecology. By using a conscious approach we can work with the environment and use natural resources.

Interior Room

Sustainable design architecture tips

We’ve learned that we need to exercise environment consciousness in various aspects of our lives. This pertains to an architecture and the buildings we build as well. So how do we implement sustainable design architecture into our new constructions? These are some tips which can help us design sustainable structures.

Natural lighting: Sunroofs in areas of low light is an energy saving option. A large amount of energy is used to light up common areas which do not have windows or much natural light. Rooms should be designed with large windows that invite plenty of light into it, and can also help brighten adjacent rooms. Retractable canopy’s outside windows are advisable, as a canopy can restrict the quantity of natural light that streams into a room. So when more light is needed the canopy can be retracted.

Efficient Lights: LED lights are low on power consumption and can help save on the electric bill. High consumption of electricity has a negative impact on the environment. The efficient light system also includes the use of good quality wiring such as copper wiring which minimises energy loss during transit.

Carbon footprint: Reducing the carbon footprint is a part of sustainable design architecture. Building smaller strictures and rooms are one technique. The larger your room the more heating, cooling, lighting etc. it needs. Designing rooms which have a comfortable size rather than flaunting extravagance is a part of environmental consciousness.

Solar Panels: Solar energy can be used to supplement some of the energy requirement of the building. Places that get good strong sunlight can capitalise on this natural resource. Solar panels can be used as roofs or even exterior wall panels.

Lar Water Heater: A building can save a huge amount on their electric bill by using solar water heating technology. In colder climates or areas using solar water heater makes economic sense.

Insulation: Building which is well insulated use less energy for heating and cooling. To make your building more in energy efficient you could ensure better insulation and sealing of escape channels.

Design Architecture Building

Terrace garden: Buildings in warm places should consider making flat roofs. Planting trees or shrubs on the roof can help keep the building cool and reduce expenditure on cooling.

Wind turbine: In a windy place you can have a wind turbine which can be used to generate electricity. Using the available natural resources is a part of sustainable design architecture.

Recycled materials: Recycled materials can be used for various aspects of the building. For example recycled copper wiring or salvaged materials from demolition sites can be used. This is cost efficient as well as eco-friendly.

Using natural materials: We can choose to use natural material and material with a lower volatile organic compound (VOC). VOC is harmful for the health of the building occupants. It is good to evaluate the sustainable standard of the material before deciding to use it.

These are some tips which can be incorporated into making a building sustainable. Other green solutions include waste management, energy conservation, rain screens, natural ventilation, passive heating and cooling, beside many others.

Architectural Drawing

Take Away

Do you have an idea which needs to be expressed into a sustainable design? Or do you have a construction design that needs to be converted to a more sustainable model?

A designing a sustainable structure depends largely on the area and the available resources. Some of the above tips can be easily incorporated into the design while others may not be practically applicable. BluEntCAD works towards helping to create sustainable design architecture. If you are looking for a sustainable solution give us a call.

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