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10 Sep 2019

Ten Ways to Increase Positivity at the Office

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Perfection may be a loaded (and subjective) term, but there is some general truth in Aristotle’s famous quote. The average American between the ages of 25 and 54 spends over 40 hours at week at work. There is, then, much sense in creating a work environment that is conducive to both wellness and productivity. Here are some simple ways to do it:

Publicly announce achievements

Broadcasting your employees’ individual professional successes is a great way to boost morale, earn loyalty, and shoot up productivity. A quick line in an email or on the notice board will do. If you want to make a strong impression, gather your team for a meeting and personally praise him or her. Heightened loyalty? Check. Increased drive to produce high-quality work? Check.

(On that note, offer constructive criticism only in private, and never yell. If your employee is afraid of you, it might hinder communication, which is bad for morale and bad for business.)

Maintain a high level of productivity

Performing well gets rid of that pointless stress that comes with delivering mediocre work. A useful tool is the urgency-importance matrix (or Eisenhower Matrix), through which you can effectively prioritize your tasks. While you’re at it, block social media apps on your phone so you won’t get distracted.

Get rid of that clutter

Some things do not add any value to your work: the dried-up pens, the broken ruler, even the cancelled meetings in your digital calendar. These make you feel ‘stuck’ and dry up your well of creativity. Do away with them.

You want your files and other objects organized so that you do not feel overwhelmed. If your space is cramped and makes you feel suffocated and ‘scattered’, open a window, or install mirrors if that is not an option. (Mirrors give the impression of greater space.)

Don’t be afraid to deviate from the routine

Too rigid a schedule can feel robotic and drain motivation, so it’s important to make room for flexibility. Allow your employees to work from home or come in an hour late once in a while. Permit waivers, if possible, for employees who travel long distances to the office or otherwise require a bit of leeway in their timings. It will allow you and your team to breathe.

Give up on perfection

‘Perfect is the enemy of good’ is an aphorism that could be a response to Aristotle’s statement. While perfectionism can be a good thing, the idea of perfection can intimidate people to the point of not starting. There’s no point in ending up with half-finished work that could have been perfect if you’d had more time – good work turned in on the due date is a far better option.

Get ergonomic

Ideally, your chair will provide proper pelvic and lumbar support – you can use cushions if necessary. Your feet should be flat on the floor and your knees in line or slightly lower than your hips. The top of your computer screen should be about 2 inches above eye level. Your back (and by extension, your work) will thank you for it.

Let in the light

This increases concentration and creativity. A major cause of drop in productivity due to stress and depression is the lack of natural light in offices.

See also: The Right to Light

Remember your P’s and Q’s!

In the daily rush, it can be easy to forget the effort people put in to help your business boom. Whether it’s an employee who stayed up late to finish her work or an intern who made you coffee, show your appreciation with a genuine ‘thank you’ and a smile.

Take a break outside every so often

This reduces stress and boosts creativity. Even a five- or ten-minute walk a day will give you that much-needed dose of fresh air.

Keep the energy up with art

Add a bright pop of art or an inspirational quote from someone you admire. No windows? No problem. Add landscape art to give the impression of attractive space outside.



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