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31 Aug 2016

The Lighter Side Of Being An Architect

Whether you are having your own architecture company or working as an Architect as your day-job, we all are well aware of the daily life of an Architect.

You, as an architect, handle multiple tasks of visiting your construction site, work on advanced pieces of software, ensuring on delivery of 3D CAD design services, do the necessary paperwork, deal with contractors and developers to ensure that the project’s deadline is met on time, and the deliverables are executed seamlessly by your company or your team.

But somewhere amidst this super-fast working life of an architect, you miss out on the lighter, more creatively fulfilling parts of this life – which you, to a large extent, just overlook because of so much of ‘hustle and grind’.

So what could that light side of being an architect connote?

The sense of play. When you approach your work as a sense of play and take your job as a joyous play, you start enjoying and adding more creativity to your work instead of treating it as a chore. Your love for designing breathtaking buildings will never wither away as a part of your profession. You treat every day as dynamic and enjoyable.

Architect’s dress code. Isn’t it just cool when you dress like an architect every day with a minimalist yet modernist style? An architect dresses imaginatively, with a dash of well-groomed look, especially when you are visiting your clients or presenting your business plan. This inadvertently brings out the latent fashion sensibilities of you – making you feel fresh, confident, and really cool!

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Your simple yet defining workstation. You love working on big, purpose-built computers. Or let’s say that you get more comfortable working on your favorite upgraded iMac, with a well designed, contextually built-in workstation based on your project or assignment. Didn’t I mention the lean office setup with some piles of papers that beg to get your attention for another sketching? Your chaotic workstation is the oxygen for you to iron out the quirks and get some stuff done for the day.

The ecstatic feeling of seeing a building that you always wanted to see. The best part of being an architect is to travel to breathtakingly beautiful places and taking pictures. You feel so excited to work on different types of projects across locations and geographies and get a chance to seep in the beauty of such luxurious and incredible buildings.

Your creative muse never witnesses a day that is stale. Yes, that’s the biggest perk of being an architect – you get to work with a creative bunch of people with different set of skills and talent. You know, for sure, that your creativity will be given a personality when it comes to your craft.

Are you on the lighter side? Let us know!

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