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19 Oct 2016

To Outsource Or Not To Outsource CAD?

According to Research and Markets, the CAD market in APAC to post revenue of 3.67 billion by 2020.

So, yes, there is a steady [growing] demand outsourcing CAD from the participants of the AEC [Architecture, Engineering & Construction] industry. This upward trend is conspicuous and raises a few questions. Are they outsourcing architectural CAD drafting to boost productivity and competitiveness or is it simply another way to cope with a crisis? In the first scenario, both the partners stand to gain in terms of money and time. Outsourcing the CAD drafting and drawing part of the design development process so that the core team can focus on innovation and strategy is a smart move. However, the assumption that outsourcing is a makeshift low cost alternative can lead to disastrous deviation in standards and norms. Moreover, the question of accountability remains largely unanswered. The attitude behind the choice to outsource is crucial in all scenarios for outsourcing architectural CAD services.

At BluEntCAD, our team astutely analyzes the attitudes of contractors, home builders, and architects towards outsourcing before we begin working on a project. It is important for us to understand why they have chosen to outsource – for reasons varying from whether they want to focus on their immediate business priorities, lay more emphasis on company’s bottom-line or identify new business opportunities in their business realm. It gives us clarity in terms of the complexity and the scope of the project. That way, it helps us allocate our team members who can help them in their project’s design development process. It also allows us to create meaningful outsourcing pricing models for our clients.

We understand that each project has its own learning curve and our team of drafters, engineers and architects need to make that extra effort to ensure that client specifications, layering, standards etc. are followed. That’s why our work share processes are defined clearly to give both teams an opportunity to understand one another clearly. At BluEntCAD, this translates into a thorough discussion on lineage, project specifications and work standards. We encourage our clients to visit our facility and meet our people face to face. A strong, ongoing relationship establishes accountability – one of the key factors for BluEntCAD’s outsourcing unit.

Currently, BluEntCAD offers outsourcing support for the following services: Architectural 2D and 3D Drafting, Conversion of paper drawings to CAD, Detailed Working Drawings, 3D product modeling, and Animation, AutoCAD Drafting Services, CAD drafting, Revit Modeling Services, BIM Drafting Services, and Millwork Shop Drawings. Our clients include homebuilders, contractors, architects, and manufacturers from the US and Canada.

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