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29 Aug 2019

Architecture and Construction Wearables to Keep an Eye On


Life by SmartCap was ‘developed to overcome the limitations of other fatigue-monitoring technologies’. It is a wearable that prevents microsleeps on-site by providing alertness measurements in real time to operators so they can respond appropriately when it comes to safety.

It differentiates itself from other fatigue-monitoring technologies in many ways, including accuracy and an early warning system. The LifeBand monitors brainwaves or brain activity using dry-sensor technology. You choose headwear (cap, hardhat, etc.) that you prefer and attach the LifeBand to it – alternatively, you can wear the LifeBand on its own.

Workers can monitor their levels of fatigue via Bluetooth. The LifeBand connects to the LifeApp (available on Google Play and Apple Store) and does not require set-up before every use.

HoloLens 2

HoloLens 2 by Microsoft is a pair of mixed reality smart glasses. It is an upgraded version of the HoloLens, which contained a number of AR applications. Three main improvements were made to the device: business friendliness, ergonomics, and immersiveness.

Virtual graphics integrate with real surfaces and objects. Through the increased field of view, you can see more holograms at once than with the HoloLens. According to the website, you can ‘touch, grasp, and move holograms in ways that feel natural – they respond a lot like real objects.’ Its voice commands can work in ‘noisy industrial environments through smart microphones and natural language speech processing’.

This wireless device that can fit over glasses is designed for people who work with their hands and find it hard to incorporate a smartphone or computer in their daily work.

See also: Google Glass Enterprise 2

Guardian XO Max

The Guardian XO Max, which would not be out of place in a sci-fi novel, was ‘born of a fundamental need to work more efficiently while preventing injury’ and is the ‘perfect synergy of man and machine and will revolutionize the way work gets done’.

It functions intuitively, without restricting freedom of movement. With this battery-charged, full-body exoskeleton, workers can easily, safely, and comfortably lift up to 200 pounds repeatedly for hours, ‘without exertion, strain or injury’. Such feats would otherwise be impossible for humans to perform.


The robust Spot-r system enables site supervisors and off-site managers to a gain crucial overview of security, site safety and risk. With it, they can identify who is on site in real time, locate workers and equipment by floor and zone, and improve preparedness for emergencies with an evacuation system. Workers can signal if they are injured through push-button alerts and hence receive medical attention sooner than they would otherwise.

Spot-r claims to be ‘the only scalable, low maintenance IoT solution capable of connecting any jobsite or heavy industrial environment without requiring WiFi or GPS coverage.’ Hardware includes the Clip, the EquipTag, the EvacTag, the Dashboard, and the Network.

DeWalt Vests

Technology for smart jackets is only getting better. DeWalt is one of the companies making them especially for construction, with a range of jackets that help to improve performance of work through heating, protection, and more.

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The DSV521 Class 2 heavy-duty surveyor vest, for instance, is ‘built with durable stitch reinforcement at major stress points and heavy webbing’ to provide protection. The ‘segmented heat transfer silver reflective tape with contrasting trim’ provides extra visibility in low light conditions. The vest includes dual mic tabs at the shoulders, high-visibility polyester mesh with Twill pockets, and a zipper closure.



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