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26 Aug 2022

What is a Construction Management Plan?

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If you work in the construction industry, especially as a manager, it is vital to understand the details of a construction management plan.

This is especially true if you are working for clients who require a large project, but are as yet unfamiliar with the complex environment of the contemporary construction environment. A poor construction management plan can easily result in losses, or in running out of funds well before the project is complete.

To help streamline your operations and optimize your clients’ investments, follow this guide in developing and understanding a comprehensive construction management plan. This way, your process from the conceptual design phase to post-construction can be far smoother and more profitable.

Introduction: What is a Construction Management Plan (CMP)?

A construction management plan (CMP) is a crucial tool for communicating the goals, scope and workings of any construction project.

The CMP is prepared by construction managers, project managers, or lead consultants. It is used not just by clients, but by stakeholders, construction managers, and construction crews. As such, it is essential for the smooth working of the whole team.

However, a CMP isn’t just meant to help the stakeholders. It is also meant to minimize the impact of the construction activities on:

  • Neighbors & nearby residents

  • Surrounding streets that are utilized to access the site

  • Parking in the site vicinity

  • Pedestrians and users of public footpaths

Note that construction work should not begin before the CMP is approved. Failure to do so can result in not just fines, but proceedings to stop the work.

What Does a CMP Include?

The CMP provides a clear roadmap that can be used by stakeholders, clients, vested parties, and project team members.

However, there are a few things that you should generally leave out of the plan:

  • It is recommended you leave out any ideas or feedback from stakeholders that has not been finalized yet.

  • Overly strict parameters should be left out. Once the construction project begins, adaptability is crucial.

  • Contingency plans should remain separate so team members do not become confused.

The following is not an exhaustive list, but it contains subject areas that are generally included in the CMP. The scope of items will depend on the size, complexity, nature and context of the project.

  • Project overview

  • Works schedule

  • Preliminary program

  • Site description

  • Roles & responsibilities

  • Health & safety

  • Access

  • Environmental control: air quality and dust control, vibration and noise

  • Waste management

  • Ecology

  • Fire prevention plan

  • Emergency planning & response procedures

  • Site set-up

  • Coordination & communication

  • Management of traffic

  • Archaeology & cultural heritage

The following section will include a more detailed look at what is included in the management plan.

1. Project Scope

  • Objectives & goals

  • Tasks

  • Deadlines

  • Features

  • Deliverables

  • Financials

2. Phase Design & Budgeting

The construction management plan should be further divided into smaller projects or phases.

  • This will not only make the project as a whole easier to tackle, but will also allow for better tracking of progress.

  • Phase design will also help in accurate budgeting, since management practices are detailed. This will aid in getting an estimate of total generated revenue and assessing the feasibility of the project.

3. Interdependence

Construction projects require strong coordination for success, since they operate with cross-functional teams. Laying out the interdependencies in the plan helps project managers efficiently supervise construction planning.

4. Resource Capacity

After the project scope is ready, you should get a resource schedule ready. This will help you build the right team for the construction project.

  • To avoid any potential future bottlenecks, managers should assemble the correct team and allocate the right tasks to them.

  • Such capacity planning before the execution of the project will also allow managers to eliminate delays through early recruitment.

5. Ecology

This section will be defined by surveys undertaken by specialists. It will detail any requirements set by legislation regarding invasive plants or protected species.

6. Archaeology & Cultural Heritage

If there are any culturally or archaeologically significant buildings on the site or adjoining the site, this will be detailed. It would include status of conservation area or other statutory designation.

An archaeological investigation can be an onerous task. Hence, it is vital that this point is factored into the scope so that delays are avoided.

Tools & Methods That Help Develop CMPs

Computer Aided Design (CAD)

  • 2D CAD or 3D modeling is often used to create a virtual model of the building before it is actually constructed.

  • These models help visualize the materials, height, width, colors, and distance.

  • They also help the building remain true to what the client wants and avoid major errors.

Construction Planning Software

Because construction projects are so broad in scope and require frequent coordination between resources, stakeholders and teams, project managers often turn to construction planning software.

Some examples of popular construction management software include PENTA Enterprise Construction Management, e-Builder Enterprise, and COINS.


And there you have it. The foundations of a construction management plan.

A crucial part of a smooth construction project is architectural documentation. However, construction documentation can be tedious and expensive to develop in-house.

That’s why there’s BluEntCAD. We develop architectural construction documents for home builders, real estate developers, large architectural and engineering companies, and home designers. Browse our portfolio to see how we’ve helped companies like yours!

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