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05 Feb 2019

How to Winterize Your Home

Every season has its own flavor. Seasonal decoration adds charm to the home by giving it a new fresh look. 

The mighty rage of North Wind indicates the coming of winter. Noticeably, people spend most of time at home during winter and decorations for winter should permeate into every part of the home from the living room to toilet areas, reflecting the season.

Sitting in a bright colored room filled with cinnamon aroma, a soothing music on, a cup of hot beverages or hot chocolate on your table, few scented candles lit around the beautiful flower vases refresh your exhausted mind and liven it up, creating a heavenly atmosphere. Let there be colors and let there be light everywhere.

Get ready for the cold days esthetically and celebrate winter!

You do not need to consult a professional interior designer for enlivening your home up. Just go with your instinct and exercise what your heart says. Go through some special approaches to decorate your home during winter days.

Use Bright Color with Heavy Fabric: As nature goes grey and cold, it’s wise to pick bright colors for your interior. Color has a great impact on human mind. It changes mood. The best way to decorate your home is to play with bright colors in heavy fabric which add warmth and bring coziness.

Color can make your small room appear large and large room more cozy. Light colors for summer and bright colors for winter make the place snug and comfortable, adjusting the moods and emotions, and offering a fabulous look to it. While blue, purple and green are considered as cool colors, red, yellow, and orange seem to appear as warm and intimate.

Due to some characteristic, these warm colors make small rooms appear smaller and large rooms cozy. Leave the monochromic color and experiment with lots of bright rainbow colors during winter.

Add Fragrance and Colors with Flowers: Flowers fill your home, especially living room with heavenly smells. Place bright colored flower vases at different locations in your home.

Don’t forget to buy bouquets from florists to make the interior dazzling and cheerful. While purchasing flowers, make sure they could give off sweet fragrance.

Candle can be Kindled: Burning of scented candle will give your home an instantly warm feeling and fill your home with sweet fragrance. Cinnamon is a wonderful aroma to have in your home for winter months. You can purchase candles available in a variety of sizes and shapes made with pine, apple, cinnamon, etc.

Burning these candles would make the living room and dinning space dazzling and give off a wonderful aroma, consequently making the house warm also.

And Let There be Light: Lighting should definitely be in sync with the seasonal decor. Winter decor doesn’t mean decorating for Christmas celebration only. Winter decoration starts before Christmas by displaying colorful lights on the front door and surrounding. Highlighting trees and bushes with ambient light or sparkling light adds an enlivening spirit to your place.

To get out of winter blues and make your home warm and summery, use attractive light shades made of colored and textured glasses. Golden lighting could give you a pleasing and warm feeling perfect for winter.

Bright Carpet and Colorful Rugs: Rolling out carpet on the floor brings warm and add new fresh look to your living room. While rolling carpet on the floor, make sure carpet are thick and bright colored.

You can blanket your furniture with heavy colorful soft rugs and throws. They add a gorgeous look to the attractiveness of furniture. Replacing plastic tablemats with jute tablemats can bring warm to your living room and add a fabulous look to it.

Hang Thick and Colorful Drapes and Curtains Up: The best way to theme a home for winter should begin with the practical aspects of winter decoration. The windows are a source of heat leakage.

So, heavy and colorful drapes or curtains should be hung up throughout the home in anticipation of the cold.

Furniture and Fun: The addition of some extra comfortable furniture makes large room appear cozy while adding some extra advantages during winter. With people spending more time at home during the wintry days, it would be wonderful to have furniture which is comfortable and is fun to laze in.

Pullout and Rollout Attractive Linen at Kitchen: Winter is a time when most of people spend their time at home and feel uneasy to go outside for food. Secondly, as winter is a festive season, so there are lots of party and celebrations organized at home. A lot of food too is prepared and eaten during the winter.

Kitchen and dinning space would especially become more attractive with a change in decor. Pullout and roll out attractive linen for any festive celebrations at home.

Making Your Home Inviting: To make your home attractive and comfortable, you can roll out bright colored carpet over the cemented or marvel floor. Red color is always the best choice.

Put some extra slippers in a colorful basket by the front door. Let your guests to grab a pair of slippers when they take their shoes off. It would make your guests realize their importance to you. This is especially well-considered when your floor is bare.

Winter is a season of which mighty rage impacts on every aspects of our life. The coldest weather of winter makes people confined in their rooms most of time – the months of December, January and February in the Northern Hemisphere, and June, July and August in the Southern Hemisphere. Keeping in mind, the entire effect should be driven to make home cozy, warm and belonging.

Use bright colored curtains, drapes, upholsteries, bedcovers, throws, pillows and vases. There should be colors everywhere. Get a colorful painting for the living room to liven it up. Let’s decorate life with various colors and dip into the spirit of festivity. This is the best way to defeat the winter blues.

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