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06 Aug 2018

Creative Ideas for Wood Interior Designing That Will Wow Your Clients

Traditional homes have been using wood since forever, which is addressed mostly as a static norm. People with modern ideologies are also changing the ways the wood utilized in interior designing.

Interior designers, design firms, and DIYers (Do It Yourself) are re-inventing the concept of using wood innovatively and discovering the alluring structure crafted using this material.

From the medieval interior art to the modern fusion concept, new age interior designers are creating styles by utilizing wood into the interiors of homes and offices.

We wonder why designers are drawn to the wood material when it comes to interior designing because wood brings out the beautiful alluring charm to the interior finishes and it also provides versatility to the design.

Adding wood material into the room space enhance the look of the area and creates a perfect blend of the countryside charm and a modern contemporary house.

Timber use has become one of the popular ways for the interior designing fandom to reach their dream home.

Some great ideas for the wood interior designing are as follows:

Wall Design

Wainscoting and paneling have been dominating the wall styling, especially when the interior designing was majorly done using the wood material. This has become the trend which never left the market and getting stronger with the passing time. Despite the fact that the type of wood gives appearance wall a prominent feature quality, a stained wood or a natural wood will further enhance the beauty of the room and add a noticeable character to the surroundings.

Another prominently noticed factor is the ‘finishing of wood’. For instance, a raw look of wood paneling would create an atmosphere of the beach house or the vintage cabin, whereas the polished wooden panels would more often be seen in the contemporary houses.

Wood interior designers love to involve variant wood type and finishes on the appearing wall to create a visual impact in the room.

Magic of Scale

Designers incorporate wainscoting and molding in the houses from the traditional period, but they have enhanced their approach and started to use wood trimming for creating a modernized look in all types of homes, whether they are huge houses, loft areas, or tiny apartments.

Interior designers are ingeniously using the measurements of the wainscoting by modifying the dimensions little lesser or more, and this particular way helps in expanding the visual appearance of the smaller rooms.  Modern wainscoting approach helps in catching the attention of the people and makes smaller apartments look bigger in space and dimension.

Modern wainscoting

Another example of scaling magic in wood interior designing is using the crown moldings which were initially being used to cover the gap between the intersection of two different interior materials (especially, where the wall and ceiling met). This later became the notable visual architectural accent in wood interior designing process. Wooden crown moldings are quite popular among the contemporary designers as it is easier to install and maintain, and the larger molding makes the room look bigger in the appearance. This wooden molding helps in making the room’s ceiling look higher and provides a definition to the interior space.

Wooden molding

Mood and Wood

Every kind of softwood used for the interior purposes has an authentic shade of color and a rough pattern. Some of them are comparatively lighter in the tone which creates a free and ventilated natural atmosphere in the space. A very special quality of using softwood is that you can bring in the specific mood around by simply using the different color shades in the wood interior design. For instance, the darker shade of the wood would promote formal ambiance and leaves a glamorous impression on people.

Apart from the color, the granular pattern of the wood also has a say in creating the ambiance for a variety of interior designs. To illustrate, the appearance of the fir wood has lighter shade and straight symmetrical lines pattern throughout which portrays a contemporary world interior designing, whereas pine wood has authentic traditional appearance due to its granular pattern.

Seal the Deal by Wooden Ceiling

In most instances, many interior designers forget to design the obvious thing in the process – ceiling. People forget or deliberately chose to leave the ceiling as it is.

A wooden ceiling can change this mundane approach and make it architecturally interesting for alluring people who would admire the interior intelligence. Ceiling, which can also be called as a ‘5th wall’ in the room, brings the variation of decorative elements in the interior space and allure the visitors to admire the wood interior designing.

Upcycle Wood

People sometimes prefer sourcing wood from the older buildings or barns and they upcycle the wood for creating an interesting interior concept from the aging style. It can literally be used in any part of the interiors, for example, barn doors can be transformed into the bed’s headboards or a rustic vintage table.

Upcycle Wood

Weathered wood adds an unusual character to the architectural space which definitely enhances the surrounding interior art. If the wood isn’t weathered, it can definitely be polished or painted in such a way.

Who knew wood could be so ‘good’ for the interiors? It can be utilized diversely by the designers to bring out the best interior designing project. We, at BluEntCAD, have worked with our interior designing clients and learned that wood proves to be quite an essential element which can change the way room’s wall or ceiling look. The salient factors, like the detailed variance in the cutting dimensions and the type of wood, have a huge impact on the character of the interior space.

BluEntCAD provides interior drafting services and interior rendering services We boast our skillful team of the interior drafters who would create your projects in an exclusive manner. If you already have already prepared your wood interior designs, send out to us for the perfect interior drafts.

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