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The BluEntCAD Difference

The BluEntCAD Difference

The BluEnt brand evokes a strong sense of trust among its global vendors and partners in the United States. Our strong sense of values can be summed up by the following seven pillars:

  • One Stop Solution: BluEntCAD is a one stop solution for all your 2D CAD drafting and 3D rendering needs. From simple paper conversions to 3D model development, our professional drafters, BIM modelers and 3D artists come from a wide-ranging spectrum of specializations.

  • A Diverse Portfolio: To guarantee quality in all of our services, we are constantly adding innovative projects to our portfolio. Our selection of case studies showcases the diversity of design and drafting skills of the BluEntCAD Studio.

  • Best of the Both Worlds: Combining the best of the East and the West, the BluEnt Global Delivery Model (BGDM) enables our clients leverage cost and quality advantage over their competitors. Starting from our operations center in the Middle East and Asia and spreading out to headquarters across the globe, this model ensures that services are running 24/7 and not just regular business hours.

  • Customized Solutions: Rather than offering one-size-fits-all packages, BluEnt provides fully-customized solutions for all our clients based on a thorough analysis of the project requirements, budget, timeline and delivery context.

  • Innovative Approach: Our work is characterized by a modern approach to building technology. After assessing the scope and challenges of a project, our consultants design and recommend solutions based on the latest in cutting-edge technology and international industry trends.

  • Treasury of Knowledge: BluEnt’s collective experience and knowledge of accumulated over a decade of professional practise empowers us to continuously improve our services and apply progressive problem-solving methods to our clients’ challenges.

  • Clear Communication: Our studio utilizes state-of-the-art project management tools and templates and the latest in telecommunications to keep our clients informed of every aspect of the project.

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