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Architectural Workshare:
Adding Real Value to Architects’ Business

Architectural workshare involves outsourcing your architectural design activities to overseas or local design partners. This has emerged as a viable option for organizations looking to outsource knowledge- and skill-intensive tasks to save cost and time, improve productivity, and take on more projects with the existing infrastructure and workforce.

BluEntCAD functions as your outsourcing studio partner, providing you with a qualified and talented team of design professionals who perform their tasks in a coordinated manner, sharing the responsibility of producing outstanding and profitable results.

Benefits of Architectural Workshare

The client is freed from the costs that come with setting up offices, purchasing hardware and software, hiring architects, etc. Here are a few advantages of architectural workshare:

  • Free Internal Staff and Stay Focused on Core Competence: Free your internal staff from architectural drafting and stay focused on the designing and marketing of your architectural projects.

  • 24/7 Workshare: Gives you the opportunity to run your business 24/7. When your design team finishes their part of the job, it can be taken over by the overseas architectural studio immediately. Thus, when your in-house resources are back at work, the drafts will be ready at their desk.

  • Seamless Communication: With the help of convergence facilities, we communicate and coordinate with the clients, home builders, and engineers.

  • Leveraging Knowledge and Expertise: Outsourcing your architectural design drafting services, Revit conversion and BIM modeling services to a workshare partner gives you access to the expertise of trained architects.

  • State-of-the-Art Infrastructure: Our experienced team of architecture design associates can help you decide an appropriate design for your particular situation.

Create better and more challenging opportunities for your organization by focusing on design and creative avenues and leaving the rest to us – your studio partners.