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You can implement the right BIM software and tools for your building practices with BluEntCAD’s BIM consulting services. We analyze your requirements carefully and provide customized solutions for your needs, resulting in faster drafting, enhanced quality and higher productivity.

We do the following in our consulting services:

  • Reduce the gap between your business goals and technology processes.

  • Determine how BIM modeling can be useful to your design and drafting team.

  • Help you build a technical support structure step by step for successful migration to BIM platforms.

  • Determine how one develops parametric families.

  • Manage resistance to change through proper training and understanding of the benefits.

  • Determine how the parametric library can help you for future project reference.

BluEntCAD helps you realize your goals for BIM and suggests the correct number of investments at the correct intervals:

  • We recommend the right steps for BIM implementation and share the best BIM practices.

  • We implement temporary teams and run test cases to help you identify bottlenecks in your organization, if any.

  • You can initiate BIM without spending a lot upfront.

  • You spend less time in coordination and in keeping up with BIM and receive higher returns. We help you streamline the BIM process.

Why you should trust BluEntCAD with BIM consulting:

  • Over a decade of presence in the AEC industry empowers us to understand the complex design process and determine how to develop error-free construction documentation sets.

  • Extensive Revit experience and high level of customization.

  • Superior quality and standards of projects.

  • Leveraging multiple opportunities with BIM.

  • Parametric family creation and Revit conversion.

  • Seamless communication through our convergence facilities.

  • Knowledge sharing of the best practices followed in the industry.

To inquire about our BIM consulting services, please contact us.

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