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BIM Implementation

The shift from CAD to Building Information Modeling (BIM) is more than a technology or process change; it is a cultural change. Implementing BIM allows for a faster, simpler, and smoother transfer of information between architects, engineers and all other people involved in design and execution. Our BIM services streamline our clients’ processes so they can take on bigger and better projects with confidence.

What We Provide

BluEntCAD offers you an easy and efficient migration from CAD to BIM platforms with the assistance of industry experts and recognized BIM consultants. Our innovative approach has unparalleled success in facilitating a smooth and hassle-free transition for our clients.

Companies choose BIM for a variety of reasons. Here are a few solutions we have developed in the past:

  • Setting up a BIM studio to manage volume surges of drafting and modeling work

  • Assessing design information and conflict detection

  • Creating an integrated 3D BIM model for all project disciplines based on the client’s design

  • Developing quantity take-off reports for all project disciplines based on the BIM system

  • Establishing a list of material take-off assumptions and identifying design discrepancies or missing information

  • BIM software training

  • BIM consulting

The BluEnt Advantage

BluEntCAD has been a leading North American BIM provider for years, always seeking the latest technological innovations to bring to our projects. Here are a few reasons why you should choose our studio:

  • Extensive Revit experience and high level of customization

  • Superior quality and standards of projects

  • Leveraging multiple opportunities with BIM

  • Parametric family creation and Revit conversion

  • Seamless communication through our convergence facilities

  • Knowledge sharing of the best practices followed in the industry

To learn more about our BIM services, please contact us.

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