• Receiving drawings in JPEG, TIFF or any such format
  • Maintaining the dimensions of the drawings
  • Using standard blocks and attributes
  • Converting paper drawings, maintaining ID points
  • Converting paper maps by poly line/LFX method
  • Converting paper maps by poly line arc method
  • Plotting and checking all files


autocad to revit conversion

  • Engineering document management (EDM) and product data management (PDM) systems can be employed to archive and manage CAD drawings
  • CAD reduces the print time of electronic files and quickens retrieval of information
  • High-quality drawings with accurate dimensions
  • Lesser chance of damage or data loss

Conversion to File Format Type

  • DWG – A binary file format used by AutoDesk AutoCAD. It contains 2D or 3D objects and offers compression and a CRC check for internal data.
  • DXF – Contour elevation plots in AutoCAD DXF format.
  • JPEG – Joint Photographic Experts Group is a standard method of compression for photographic images.
  • TIFF Group IV – Tagged Image File Format is a file format mainly for storing images, including photographs and line art.
  • PDF – Portable Document Format is used for representing 2D documents in a device-independent and display-resolution-independent fixed-layout document format.
  • CALS – CALS raster file format is standard for the interchange of graphics data.
  • PCX – PCX is an image file format developed by the ZSoft Corporation and became one of the first widely accepted DOS imaging standards, although has been succeeded by other formats.
  • BMP – BMP is a bitmapped graphics format and commonly used as a simple graphics file format on Microsoft Windows and OS/2.
  • SVF – Serial Vector Format is used in boundary scan tests of electronics.

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