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Revit Model for Hotel Hilton Project

Client profile

K&G Architects is a Hawaii-based architecture firm that specializes in providing groundbreaking design and environmentally responsible solutions to complex issues.

They strive to create architecture that will continue to be aesthetically pleasing, functional, efficient and durable. K&G Architects collaborated with BluEnt to renovate Hilton’s seven star hotel in Hawaii.

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Project requirements

Project Requirements

  • Revit drafting and modeling: Lagoon and Palace towers; BIB and HWV ballroom

  • Main requirement

    • Prepare as-built drawings as there were no existing drawings

    • In addition, architectural designing for interior components for 237 guestrooms

  • Prepare the existing layouts with the help of sketches and site pictures which were mostly non comprehensive

  • Make the proposed layouts of multiple room types

  • Schedule for floor types, door/windows, wall finish etc

Project Challenges

Project Challenges

The greatest challenge of this project was to make as-built drawings in absence of the old digital drawings of Hilton. K&G Architects provided sketches and measurements from their site visits along with site photographs that formed majority of the input materials for the project.

Our team assisted the client with design options based on their spatial needs and aesthetic style involving multiple design changes.

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The BluEnt Approach

  • Modeled the project from scratch in Revit

  • Quality drafting work at very reasonable and competitive cost

  • Detailed Revit modeling eased and accelerated the renovation process

  • Use of Revit parametric families

  • Constant communication with the client to make several changes required during the project

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Results. Achieved.

  • Team’s knowledge, drawing standards and communication skills were outstanding.

  • Following this project, the client associated with BluEnt for few more projects.

Steve Gajadhar one of the main founders of K&G died in 2013 at the age of 40 due to a heart attack. We really enjoyed working with him and he was one of the most professional and ethical persons we have every worked with. This case study and the albums are dedicated to him and his hard work that will live forever.

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