Art-Line Interior Design

ART-LINE Interior Design

AutoCAD Drawings Conversion for Residential Project, Moscow

Client Profile 

Based out of Netherlands, ART-LINE Interior Design is a Dutch company that designs interiors for yachts, houses and hotels. Training and commitment towards contemporary art and architecture inspires their work. Each project of the Art-Line Interior represents an ideal balance of function and emotion. The client approached BluEnt for a residential project in Moscow for availing AutoCAD drawing conversion services.

Project Highlights

  • Scope of work: convert the design sketches to AutoCAD drawings
  • Language barrier: Dutch client, so English-Dutch translations were used extensively to communicate with the client
  • Design elements and material specifications used by project designers were crucial. 

Results. Achieved.

  • BluEnt successfully delivered the project as per the client’s requirements.
  • It was a great learning experience for BluEnt's team in the CAD  conversion realm as this was one of our bilingual projects. 


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