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About Lawson Group Architects Inc.

Lawson Group Architects (LGA) Inc. is an architectural firm that offers comprehensive and integrated project solutions for their clients.

They deliver integrated services, turnkey support, creative solutions and single source services that include architectural design solutions, marketing solutions, project entitlement solutions, green building solutions and financial analysis solutions.

The client approached BluEnt for CAD drafting for their various residential projects and condominiums.

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Lawson Group Architects Inc.
Project requirements

Project Requirements

  • The first project, Northwood Business Park, was a commercial building with 3 floors. We had to correlate the plans and draft the sectional elevations and details as per the building design.

  • No design changes on the initial drawings were allowed.

  • Project timeline of less than 20 working days.

  • We made the life safety plan, dimension plan, reflected ceiling plan, notes and target plan.
  • Details of the drawings (scale, dimensions, formatting, standards, text, etc.) were based on the client’s instructions and standards.

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Maximum Value.

Maximum Value. Achieved.

BluEnt successfully completed 4 projects for Lawson Group Architects. They were:

  • Northwood Business Park

  • Sand Castle

  • Murray Project

  • Foundation Park

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