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Spun Kites is a US-based firm with rich experience in designing residential projects and detail drawings.

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Project requirements

Project Requirements

The client had preliminary sketches and wanted to create a Revit models/families for the wall panel’s door and window details. 

Project Challenges

The BluEnt Approach

We drafted the basic Revit models with the initial sketches provided. We completed the Revit model for building components like:

  • Wall panels, bay window wall panels & sliding glass window panel.

  • Full window wall panel, door panels & wall panels with skylight.

  • Profile of new roof.

Meetings for project coordination were organized between both the teams to discuss the changes during the project cycle.

Revit standards as per specifications were achieved.

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Maximum Value.

Maximum Value. Achieved.

BluEnt successfully delivered Revit models for the required building components and also delivered a basic Revit model for a house.

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