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BluEnt takes an active part in making homes affordable within common budgets by bringing innovative, cost-effective methods to the market place at India’s largest annual real estate developers’ event, BuildUp 08.

New Delhi, 16 October, 2008 : The misfortune in the US home loan sector is a testimony to how unplanned growth can wreak havoc on the masses. For this purpose, BluEnt facilitates builders and real estate developers in building affordable homes. The affordability factor is engineered into building projects through construction project management processes.

BluEnt manages construction projects for real estate developers. It breaks down complex building operations into manageable components to lower costs, at the same time using high quality construction materials. BluEnt manages full life-cycle of construction projects that benefits both the sellers and buyers of real estate.

BluEnt’s domain experience and service skills have resulted in the creation of several buildings that stand tall as reputable landmarks in their neighborhoods.

BluEnt has robust expertise in Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) and it drafts construction documents for architectural firms in countries like the US, UK, NZ, and Australia. They conduct compliance checks of international building codes for all its construction documents. Today, it seeks to implement this knowledge of ‘best practices’ obtained from overseas firms in the domestic market.

BluEnt also works with 3D BIM (Building Information Modeling) softwares like Revit and Chief Architect to design and draft condominiums and multi-storied buildings. Its 3D rendering services, based on 3Ds Max, have helped numerous builder firms in selling and marketing their real estate projects. BluEnt works in ‘Green Building’ design and concepts that are cost-effective and tailored for universal adoption.

BluEnt maintains building costs within an affordable range through strict project scheduling and efficient time management. It also gets the best deals from top construction material vendors to achieve bottom-lines that wouldn’t otherwise be possible. BluEnt follows a ‘no compromise’ attitude on the quality front and its previous projects testify this.


Tim Johnson
Strategic Sourcing & Business Development Manager
BluEntCAD | 832-476-8459

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