Millwork Cabinetry Style Trends for the Kitchen

Toronto, ON – October 23rd, 2017 : Here are the top millwork cabinetry style trends that you can incorporate when remodeling a kitchen.

According to Sajeel Khanna, SVP at BluEnt, “Cabinetry is a component that makes the kitchen space look complete. We haven’t really experienced many drastic or revolutionary changes over the years when it comes to kitchen cabinets. However, in the last 3-4 years we have witnessed a few developments.”

One characteristic trend that stands out in millwork is the focus on minimalism and simplicity. Simple, clean cabinets are perceived to be trendy; however, some unique bold styles are also in play.

Here are a few millwork cabinetry style trends that can inspire clients in their upcoming build or renovation projects.

1. Wood substitutes gaining popularity:

It is true that wood substitutes do not have the natural or real wood appeal however it comes with many valuable benefits. These benefits fit with today’s consumers’ needs and hectic lifestyle.

2. Solid and painted over stained:

Solid and painted cabinets have started to make a bolder statement and is becoming quite appealing to the masses. Neutral colors, such as gray, cream beige and soft green, are loved for their simplicity.

The most popular colors in the kitchen are white, soft grays, brown grays and alabaster finish white. They are perceived to have a longer shelf life than other colors.

3. Doors have newer style options:

It’s always good to have more space in the kitchen. This is one of the top reasons for new door styles such as sliding doors to be favoured over traditional ones. Especially when homeowners have smaller kitchen space, with sliding doors, the door clearance space is free.

It even fits well in larger kitchens, as then there are only few doors that not only look good but also has smoother functionality. Flip doors, though without the benefits of sliding doors, are seen as fancier and more unique.

4. Accessorizing the cabinets:

Lighting is always a must have in the kitchen. The under-cabinet LED lighting has gained more prominence as residents have started to find them quite efficient.

LED lighting gives good lighting for activities. It also comes in a variety of colors and the bulbs last for a long time.

5. Technology finds a way here as well:

There are modern kitchen designs that are able to meet consumers’ gadget needs.

The usage of mobiles is not considered safe when using the stove or microwave. However, we do have cabinets with charging stations that can be used when involved in other kitchen activities. There are other hi-tech cabinets that can incorporate wireless music speakers or docking stations.

BluEnt has been able to integrate these trends in their residential kitchen modeling projects this year.

As a leading Building Information Modeling services provider, we are aware of the trends in commercial and residential millwork.

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