The World’s Most Sustainable Residential High-Rise Has Arrived

The Beacon is a zero emissions, self-sustaining eco tower being developed in the UK. Will Canada earn its place among such leaders in sustainable architecture?

Toronto, ON – 7th November, 2016 : The Beacon, a residential high-rise to be built in the Greater London Area, is planned to be the world’s first in sustainable luxury living.

BluEnt has taken a closer look at the building’s specs to gain insight into how international trends in sustainable architecture can be adapted to the Canadian landscape.

The complex will offer a range of zero emission apartments that combine renewable energy generation and energy conservation techniques. It has been designed to generate equivalent energy to what it consumes. As a result, all residents receive free energy for life.

In an interview regarding the structure’s concept, Ambi Singh, commercial director at Lumiere Developments, stated:

“Our logic is that the tools are there and we must try to use them. We feel morally compelled to demonstrate solutions, to say that you can do the right thing without impacting lifestyle. It’s very low risk, proven technology.”

The Beacon boasts the following features:

  • Thermal emissivity: 70% better than current UK building regulations

  • Rainwater harvesting: 100% rainwater is collected from the roof gardens and balcony levels, while filtered gray water is used to flush toilets

  • Home appliances: rated A+ to A+++

  • Electricity usage: most of the electricity is generated by the zero-emissions vertical solar panel farm

  • Warming and cooling strategies: additional heat and hot water is provided by ground source heat pumps, while air-source heat pumps cool the building (both functions are controlled by smart thermostats)

  • Insulation solutions: triple-glazed windows, walls optimized for thermal and noise insulation

  • Lighting fixtures: highly efficient LED lighting coupled with built-in motion sensors

Eco Towers Sweeping the World

The Beacon isn’t the only eco tower that has cropped up in recent years.

Chris Beanland of The Telegraph cites Stefano Boeri’s upcoming project La Tour des Cedres, a tower that will be covered in trees to absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen in Lausanne, Switzerland.

There is also the Astitva, the first building in Calcutta to receive the Green Homes Gold certificate from the Indian Green Building Council.

And then there’s the Shanghai Tower by Gensler. It claims to be one of the tallest and greenest skyscrapers in the world, having earned a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) platinum rating.

Where does Canadian Architecture Stand?

The international push for sustainable commercial architecture has been putting increasing pressure on the Canadian government.

Nations everywhere are recognizing the need to mitigate and adapt to the impacts of climate change through economic planning. The UN estimates that buildings account for as much as a third of global greenhouse gas emissions.

We expect Canadian building codes of the near future to be updated to respond to this issue. Local architects will likewise need to update the way they imagine structures.

We’re not in this fight alone. Heather Dubbeldam, of award-winning Canadian firm Dubbledam Architecture + Deisgn, stated in a Globe and Mail interview that “this doesn’t mean inventing new technology, but importing it, and more important, bringing an attitude that sustainable design is seamless.”

If towers like the Beacon, Astitva, and the Shanghai Tower are the realities of today, we look forward to seeing what Canada contributes to the green architecture of tomorrow.

As a world-wide corporation, BluEnt proudly delivers quality drafting services based on international standards in sustainability. BluEnt Canada will look to our Eastern and Western offices to incorporate global developments and the latest cost-effective techniques for our Canadian clients.

Our years of experience in architectural rendering and drafting projects combined with our integration of sustainable design principles and extensive construction knowledge will guide us in meeting the needs of modern architects and the environmental landscape.

Tim Johnson
Strategic Sourcing & Business Development Manager
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