Sustainable Architectural Design Trends in 2016

Toronto, ON – 26th September, 2016 : Dodge Data & Analytics recently released their 2016 annual report World Green Building Trends, which revealed valuable insights on the future of sustainable architecture.

To support our commitment to creating innovative solutions in 3D rendering and drafting services, BluEnt analyzed Dodge’s findings and determined the following takeaways for industry stakeholders in Canada and beyond.

1. Green Buildings Offer Increasing Asset Value and Savings

  • Respondents expect savings of 14% in operational costs over five-year period for green buildings

  • Owners reported a 7% increase in asset value of green buildings over non-green buildings in 2015

2. Green Building Growth Is a Global Phenomenon

  • Global green building development continues to double every three years

  • Across all countries surveyed, a significant number of respondents projected that over 60% of their projects will be green by 2018

  • Commercial construction is the top sector for international green building growth; 46% of total respondents expect to take on a green commercial project over the next three years

3. Eastern Health Concerns Begin to Influence Western Design

  • China’s employees are becoming more concerned with indoor air quality; 90% of Chinese staff reported a willingness to switch jobs for higher pay alone in 2015, but 56% of Chinese staff today consider office health as reason to change employers

  • 20-60% of Canadian office staff experience sick building syndrome, compelling North American architects to look to Eastern techniques of improve air quality through building design

This trend was well-explained by Lisa Bate, Regional Managing Principal, North America, B+H Architects, who stated:

“What I am finding interesting is the technology and innovation that is given birth in China, often in collaboration with Westerners… who are focused on sustainability and developing green global databases that are free to suppliers. Suppliers can feed their information into the database, and it is third-party verified. And then it goes out to all the designers [who then] create the greenest spec possible… So what I really like right now is that in some things, the East is starting to lead the West because there are requirements in China to make broad moves and to get things really moving.”

Finally, the following are the top three sustainable architectural building features that we found prominent globally according to the 2016 report:

  • Building forms designed to maximize daylighting

  • Building placement based on shading and cooling strategies

  • Improved air quality and protection against environmental disasters

As a world-wide corporation, BluEnt prides itself on delivering quality that meets international standards. To address the shifting global landscape in architectural design, BluEnt Canada will look to facilitating our core value of meaningful cross-communication among our Eastern and Western offices to inform the services we provide to North American stakeholders.

Our combined experience in integrating building systems, sustainable design principles and extensive construction knowledge will be our greatest asset moving forward in developing green solutions for the future.

Furthermore, we will leverage BluEnt’s intercontinental exposure to a variety of movements around the world, ensuring that clients receive cost-effective services that expertly address local issues in Canada as well as incorporate the latest global discoveries in green buildings.

In addition, BluEnt Canada will work to provide revolutionary drafting solutions like millwork, CAD and rendering that draw from our past experience working on an array of projects that have paid significant attention to long-term sustainability.

Our dedication to crafting innovative answers to the world’s changing needs dictates that our consultants will prioritize sustainability as a fundamental aspect of the services we offer our clients.

Tim Johnson
Strategic Sourcing & Business Development Manager
BluEntCAD | 832-476-8459

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