World Millwork Alliance Announces 53rd Annual Tradeshow & Convention 2017 in North Carolina

BluEntCAD looks forward to seeing Industry Leaders interact and brainstorm to network and educate.

Toronto, Ontario – 7th August, 2017 : The World Millwork Alliance (WMA), the undisputed leader of the millwork distribution industry, announced its 53rd World Millwork Annual Tradeshow and Convention.

The mega event is slated over a span of 4 days from 7-11 October at the Westin Charlotte Hotel in Charlotte, North Carolina. It is one of the WMA’s premier international millwork events.

It garners the attention of key decision makers and industry leaders, including services and product manufacturers, millwork distributors and sales representatives.

The event is highly sought after for its networking opportunities, exhibits of the latest millwork services and products, and forging business relationships.

International Millwork Convention and Trade Show – Line up

This year’s annual convention showcases an impressive lineup of industry professionals. They will shed light on recent trends and developments that play a role in the millwork industry’s growth and development.

Some of the salient presenters include:

  1. Diane Thielfoldt from the Learning Café, who will talk about how to engage, recruit and retain millennials.

  2. Andy Papathanassiou, NASCAR visionary & motorsport industry innovator, who will deliver the Keynote Address on 9th October.

  3. David Katsnelson from ITR Economics, who will talk about Economic Pulse.

  4. Jessica Ferris, Director, Codes and Standards, WMA.

  5. Tracy Rogers, VP, Sales & Marketing, Keystone Certifications.

The Convention is focusing on women in the industry, like last year’s “Women in Millwork” session. This year’s session focuses on the Industry Women Forum and challenges faced.

The pre-registration deadline is 22nd September, 2017. After the 22nd, the attendees will need to register onsite to participate in the Convention. The Early Bird registration discount deadline ends on 18th August, 2017.

About World Millwork Alliance (WMA)

The WMA is a wholesale distribution and global trade millwork association dedicated to the progression of the architectural millwork industry, including support of skilled workforce. Their aim is to advocate for their member businesses to foster a united global millwork trade community to deliver innovative services and products.

BluEntCAD’s SVP, Sajeel Khanna remarks: “Events like the WMA promote a sense of identification of different businesses among each other, all decision makers feeling that their challenges are universal, and therefore, the efforts need to be universal. The millwork industry is highly niche and millworkers and business owners face a lot of issues, which cannot be resolved individually. I feel the WMA Platform is the right place to voice your concerns and get your issues addressed, whether you are an entrepreneur or a full-fledged business.”

The Convention has a trade show as well, which has participation from some of the industry’s best-known brands, including Brightwood, Crown Heritage, American Stairways, Novatech, the Penrod Company, Hasegawa International, the GlassCraft Door Company, Prime-Line, Sierra Pacific Industries, Trinity Glass International and Weston Wood Solutions.

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