Drafting Support for
Interior Designers

Streamline your interior design process (including design development and the construction drawings stage) with BluEntCAD’s drafting support team.

  • Our drafting services are generally focused on interior design firms and professionals.

  • The initial communication between BluEntCAD and the design firm involves an understanding of project requirements along with setting up CAD standards and templates.

  • A good amount of information is reviewed at the design development stage by BluEntCAD including mood boards, equipment and hardware schedules. Past completed interior projects are also reviewed to ensure we gain an understanding of its clients’ requirements.

Our solutions for interior designers start with the design development stage. We usually get involved at 50 percent DD and move through the construction documentation stage with the help of experienced drafters.

File sharing can be set up in Dropbox and weekly calls are scheduled to ensure smooth communication. Redlines are done either manually on pdf documents or through specialized software like Bluebeam.

BluEntCAD offers fixed project pricing and retainers as part of our solution for interior designers. Fixed price projects allow for a preset cost. However, retainers are recommended for dedicated resources and faster turnaround times. We can set up retainers for as low as 80 hours per month.

Quarterly and hybrid business models are also available. Combined with interior rendering services, our drafting support solutions offer a complete set of options for interior design firms and professionals.

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