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03 Feb 2020

Need For 3D Product Rendering For Your eCommerce Business

Market Research Future’s newest report has revealed that the global 3D modeling service market will witness growth at a staggering CAGR of 26% between 2017 and 2023. The projected market value is estimated to be around US $6 billion by 2023. This raises a crucial question – are you leveraging the power of 3D modeling?

3D Modeling for eCommerce Business

As a 3D rendering company based out of the USA and Canada, we regularly interact with several small and medium-size businesses. And while many business owners are interested in what we do, they don’t really feel that 3D product modeling services are up their alley.

Why should you opt for 3D product rendering?

We believe 3D modeling for eCommerce is the next big thing. North America was the biggest contributor in 3D product rendering in 2016. Major furniture producers, real-estate developers, and home builders have realized its marketing potential, and we encourage you to reap the benefits of this cutting-edge technology. Here are our 2 cents on why 3D modeling for eCommerce is the way forward.

  • Design prototypes quickly

    Generating new designs and testing them is a challenging and expensive task, regardless of whether you are a big conglomerate or a small business. Online retailers often use make-shift products to list online, but with 3D product rendering, such practices have become outdated. 3D modeling software can, for instance, create furniture rendering effortlessly, without spending a fortune.

    Typically, a photoshoot takes almost a month for products to go live. 3D rendering can generate the same high-quality prototypes in less than a week.

  • Photorealistic products with striking real-life resemblance

    Modern-day shoppers can tell if the images of your products or goods have been touched up. 3D product rendering can supplant photography completely for better output at a comparatively cheaper cost.

    3D rendering services create photorealistic objects that are indistinguishable from their real-life counterparts. The illustrations can be projected for viewing from every angle and perspective, resulting in stunning 360-degree views and 100 per cent viewing engagement.

    You can buy dozens of renders for the price of a one-time photoshoot without compromising quality or appeal. 3D modeling services can be utilized for any industry or product, whether it’s a background shot or a close-up.

  • Work your way around customer feedback

    Consider this: A customer, while browsing online, can experience how her new bed side table would appear by projecting it right next to her bed. She can then place her order and your craftsmen can get to work when the order is confirmed.

    Now answer this: Is this more pocket-friendly and less labor- intensive than if the customer requested changes in the final product?

    This is the most important reason why business owners are increasingly opting for 3D modeling for eCommerce. You do not need formal presentations, disposable props, and additional shenanigans that convince people to buy from you. Just get a visualization of your products, showcase them on your site, and advertise on social media. Your business will sell itself.

  • Target multiple demographics

    Millennials are forming families and building homes now; and unlike their predecessors, millennials value personal touch, welcome unique experiences and prefer shopping online. All these reasons make 3D modeling for eCommerce your best bet to tap this demographic.

  • Adapt to market changes swiftly

    The furniture eCommerce market is volatile. The key to survival is adaptation. You need to incorporate incoming trends while re-inventing your products at the same time.

    Furniture rendering is a lifesaver for businesses. It offers visualizations that can be used continuously and countless customization options that are not available with photography, and allows you to keep up with trends in the interior décor industry to ensure that you’re always one step ahead of your competition.

  • Reduce your inventory with real-time customizations

    Some businesses have taken 3D modeling service a step further. They provide online customization options so that customers can personalize – in real time – the product they want to buy, with the exact specifications they want.

    Unlike businesses that produce standard goods, you can give your potential buyers the liberating feeling of ordering a product with the attributes, colors, and features that they want and not what you create. This way, you only produce what your customers buy – that means higher lead conversion and 100 percent customer satisfaction.

Hire a 3D rendering company

In summary, 3D modeling for eCommerce allows you to:

  • Generate and circulate new prototypes quickly

  • Get prototypes and products with a life-like feel

  • Customize products down to the last detail

  • Reach out to newer customers

  • Reduce waste by creating what will sell

Your online business could benefit greatly from 3D product modeling services. If you require help in coming up with a strategy or want furniture rendering or 3D product rendering for your business, contact our friendly 3D experts at BluEntCAD.

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