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22 Oct 2018

What is the Impact of 3D Printing in the Real Estate Industry?

The real estate industry is relying quite heavily on 3D printing services for its various aspects. 3D scale models enable clients to visualise the project. A 3 dimensional view of a condo looks a whole lot better than a 2D floor plan.

Clients can get a feel of what the place will look like. And they can make up their minds about buying, sooner. 

3D printing services is gaining popularity. It is increasingly being used by numerous industries including the real estate industry.

It has paved a way to take a leap into the future. 3D printing has opened up the door to a new realm of possibilities. The real estate industry has embraced it as one of the most beneficial advances in technology.

While 3D printing is not exactly new but it is certainly an intriguing technology. It was first introduced in 1985 and has since made a huge impact.  

3 dimensional graphic designs used in BIM models are very popular. But 3D printing goes a step further. It actually creates a replica model of the project.

The greatest benefit is that all the stakeholders get absolute clarity. The material used, the shape, design, architectural frills etc. are all accurately depicted.

Engaging 3D printing services for a project model serves not only for buyers but for investors as well. This is especially useful for large scale construction projects. Investors want to see what they are putting their money into. A 3D model makes it clear where their money will go. 

What is 3D printing?

3D printing is best described as an additive manufacturing process. 3D printing is carried out using a special 3D printer. A 3D printer prints solid 3 dimensional objects using predefined specific materials.

The printing process is done in layers – one layer is printed at a time, then the next layer is printed over it. The size of the object that can be printed depends on the capability of the printer.

How does the 3D printer know what to print – the shape, dimensions, materials etc.? To print a 3D object you first need a digital blueprint.

The specification of the object to be printed, and the appropriate material to be used, is included in the digital blueprint. The digital blueprint includes the dimensions of the object as well as the type of materials to be used for particular parts of the object.

3D printing technology

The 3D printing technology varies based on the type of material needed for printing. Materials could be anything from plastic to rubber, metals, alloys, stones and various others. The technology of the 3D printer defines which material it can print with.

The material has to be melted at various temperatures to create the model. Other materials such as wood and stone undergo special processes so that they can be used effectively for 3D printing. 

The duration for creating an object using 3D printing services depends on the materials being used. The size of the object also influences the time taken for printing. It can take from several hours to several days.

Benefits of 3D printing services

The benefits of 3D printing far outnumber its disadvantages. This also explains why it has become so popular. Some of the benefits are:

  • Easily create complex designs

  • Does not need a mould or die for manufacturing

  • Fast prototyping

  • Easy to customize 3D printed objects

  • Reduces wastage of raw materials

Demerits of 3D printing

  • Limited choice of materials

  • Durability and strength of the 3D printed object is compromised

  • Lesser choice of colors

  • Expensive for large scale production

Impact of 3D printing services on construction

3D models are quite rampant in the real estate industry. Builders and developers use them to show investors, contractors and clients what the project will look like. 3D printing has opened channels for visualization. Those interested can study the design and future potential of the layout.

Generally, 3D printers are used to manufacture prototypes and scale models for construction projects. It is useful for giving a lifelike depiction of what the actual building project will look like.

With advancements in technology 3D printing has taken a giant leap into the future. 3D printing is continuing to revolutionize the world in various fields and the real estate industry is just beginning to see the huge potential this technology presents.

In the very near future, 3D printing is going to change the way the construction industry operates. Conventional construction methods may soon become a thing of the past. 

Is 3D printing the future of real estate?

Giant printers have been used in several parts of the world to print actual buildings. It is faster, cheaper and easier. 3D printing just might be the solution to affordable housing. 3D printing services can have a small house ready within a day.

These houses can be built using easy to source or locally available material. Constructing a structure with a 3D printer eliminates the need for contractors, building labor, etc. Other concerns such as logistics issues, weather conditions, lack of skilled labour and absenteeism become irrelevant. 

By the looks of the way things are going, 3D printing technology is going to be the future of the real estate industry. It is just a matter of time before we see entire cities being built through the 3D printing technology. 


3D printing services are available at specialized centres. To get a 3D print you need a digital blueprint. This digital blueprint contains all the information regarding the size, shape, materials and various other intricacies. 

Get in touch with BluEntCAD for your digital blueprint designing. Our team of highly skilled designers and architects can plan your project and convert the floor plans to a digital design. 

Once you have the digital design file in hand, you can contact any company which provides 3D printing services, or you can even get your own 3D printer. 

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