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Add Character To Your Home With Architectural Millwork Shop Drawings


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Download Our Millwork Sample

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Architectural millwork shop drawings transform cookie-cutter buildings into spaces that reflect the individuality of their owners or businesses.

We’ll show you how in our latest article. Read on!


Architectural millwork shop drawings are going to be in increasing demand.

Revenue for the millwork industry in 2021 is expected to grow by 2.6%. While there has been a disruption in global supply chains due to the coronavirus pandemic, this will probably be inconsequential for the industry. This is because exports and imports make up only a small part of it.

The market for residential construction provides the largest revenue source for the industry. This is due to millwork demands while building new homes.

The top state for woodwork manufacturing based on the number of establishments per state is California, according to the Woodworking Network.

Well-dressed walls, wide window moldings and elegant baseboards add warmth and charm to any place, whether commercial or residential.

Based on your interiors, you can select styles that suit you best. Interior decorators especially love experimenting with millwork styles to add a dash of oomph in a home.

For instance, traditional houses look wonderful with wide doorways, deep baseboards and wide window casings. Contoured raised panels and picture moldings also give a natural fit.

Detailed, decorative moldings enhance period-styled houses and modern homes are well-defined with minimal details and plain molding.

With decorative components and an interior and exterior finish, you can jazz up spaces and transform them.

  • Adding Custom Millwork to Your Ceiling

    Ceilings are the most popular places for adding millwork.

    Due to a wide range of choices of design patterns and sizes, ceiling cornices are popular millwork molding choices.

    You can also add millwork around light fixtures in the form of a ceiling medallion.

  • Adding Characters to Windows

    Window casings add durability and create beautiful frames for viewing the outdoors, whether that’s a rolling, misty countryside or bustling city with bright lights.

    You can get your windows cased with intricate details or keep it simple. Window casings are also a great way to cover unwanted gaps.

    Millwork drawing

  • Custom Commercial Millwork for Doors

    Decorative molding covers gaps between walls and frame doors.

    They also tie in all the rooms in your space by using the same molding pattern throughout, creating a consistent theme and look.

    Don’t just trust any millwork drafting provider, though! Make sure they tick off these three things first.

  • Architectural Millwork for Home Floors

    Baseboards are used for covering gaps between walls and the floor, just like decorative molding does for doors. They are available in various thicknesses.

    As opposed to earlier designs with three parts, baseboards today are in one piece and have a sleeker and cleaner look.


Once you decide what you want to work on, you can get in touch with BluEntCAD for millwork shop drawings services. We’ll create high-quality architectural millwork shop drawings for you.

BluEntCAD has been serving casework companies, woodworking companies, custom furniture manufacturers, interior designers, and millwork manufacturing companies since 2003. Check out our portfolio here and let us know if you see something you like, so we can do it for you too!

Ready to make your space truly yours or sell your property with custom architectural millwork? Contact us now!

Maximum Value. Achieved.

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