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24 Apr 2018

Benefits Of 360 Degree Images After Construction

Want to improve your product image quality using 360 degree photography?

Consumerism has only increased over the years, and so has consumer awareness. Several investors and clients prefer to research products online thoroughly before buying, and that is why you have to give them picture-perfect, high-quality and vibrant 360-degree images. It keeps your product realistic, giving your client the look and feel of the showroom as they virtually “walk” around the product and almost touch to experience the exact details. Before you use this technique to your images, it is better to know about the benefits of 360-degree images, and how they can improve your sales in so many ways.

Benefits of 360 degree product photography

  • Creates a virtual shopping experience

    Using 360 degree technology in construction documentation, you can capture a sequence of product images, rotated on one or many axes. This simple method recreates the realistic shopping experience but in a virtual environment. Your client can enjoy a specialized customer experience as they view the product from different angles and focus on finer details just as they would do in person. Such the experience itself is very interesting in itself, as your client will remain on your website for longer and make a good choice.

  • Improves client confidence

    As the buyer can easily view the product from different ways and are assured of product authenticity and quality, your sales are likely to be doubled. Clients gain more confidence in seeing a product from a multi-dimensional angle rather than making a random guess through a still product image. They can have a clearer understanding of the product and make an informed decision through the construction documentation progress itself. Clients will be impressed even if they have not seen the product in person or even if the product hasn’t been created yet.

  • Secure your position in e-commerce

    360 degree imagery in architecture construction is still in its developing stages, and much hasn’t been talked about yet. Employing this modern form of product photography will give you an extra edge over the other competitors in the market, especially on e-commerce websites. As with any new technology, clients and users alike will be quickly interested to try out this new feature and work with it on your website. 360-degree product photography can also be viewed on mobile devices such as cell phones, iPads, iPhones and such. You will certainly receive positive reviews from your clients for your e-commerce website.

  • Cost-effective

    You will be surprised to know that 360 degree product photography is cheaper than conventional professional photography, and requires nothing more than high-quality construction photo documentation software and a 360 camera for construction. You will need to capture and manage your images resourcefully for the best effect, all the same. The reason why we call this process cost-effective is that since you have an HD-quality product image with a complete description; it will definitely save you time, money and other resources.

  • Changes can be applied

    As opposed to photographing an actual product under proper lighting conditions, 360 degree photography is done virtually on a computer. If a client suggests certain changes in the development of the product, it can be worked upon right there and then itself, saving time, effort and money.

  • Amazing results, every time

    You can work with 360 degree product photography quickly and efficiently and produce amazing results each time. Though there are various 360 degree photography applications for camera phones, sometimes poor light and design conditions during construction progress documentation can totally ruin the beauty of your product. Using great 360 degree photography will enhance your product quality while keeping it realistic regardless of design and lighting conditions. That is, you can assure your client complete integrity and consistency no matter how many products need to be photographed. Each and every shot will be crystal-clear and increase customer satisfaction.

  • Happy customers

    Satisfied customers will lead to increased sales and a fantastic service recommendation, which is good for your career in the future.


If you’re looking for an unconventional way to impress your customers, you should go for 360 degree photography to highlight your product’s best features and to assure them of quality and accuracy.

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