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07 Sep 2018

Millwork Shop Drawing: Purpose & Benefits For Your Architectural Project

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Finding a right millwork shop drawing company could be a tricky decision for all kinds of projects in the industry.

Millwork is a highly desirable service in the architectural woodwork industry.

Whether millwork drafting is for the commercial projects or the residential projects, the custom interiors and industry standards retain the essence of the architectural process.

People prefer custom-made wood designs which focus on the dimensional requirements and the material quality in the projects.

Before discussing further, let us understand more about the millwork.

What exactly The Millwork is?

Millwork is a process of woodwork crafted in the mill. Millwork covers the vast variety of woodwork involved in the interior and the architecture of the building structure such as molding, wooden floors, fireplace mantels, door casings etc.

What is the purpose of Millwork Shop Drawing Services?

BluEntCAD has worked with various brands for the plethora of millwork shop drawing projects.

We get projects from different types of clients such as millwork drafting companies, furniture modelers, cabinet manufacturers, flooring companies and many more.

We have observed that every company has a different perspective and expectations towards the millwork shop drawing drafts.

For example, some of our clients are quite rigid about the intricate detailing of the cabinet shop drawings and some of them want comparatively lesser specifications in the designs.

An obvious explanation for the millwork shop drawing services is that these drawings help in manufacturing and installing the woodwork products into the projects. However, there are other factors also which justify the purpose of outsourcing to the millwork shop drawing company.

  • Helps in Identifying Errors

    While millwork drafters work on the shop drawings, they majorly commence the project based on the source material (architectural drawings) provided by the clients. In some cases, the architectural drawings are quite detailed, whereas sometimes, they are scribbled roughly. But drafters understand the conflicts and errors while working on the project and notify the architects to address the situation.

  • Cost Effective

    A material optimization can be monitored at the drawing stage as it helps in pre-deciding the quantity and quality of the material. Shop drawings, in most cases, help in material waste in the bigger millwork projects.

  • Too Detailed or Not So Detailed

    Millwork shop drawing company always tend to swing in the dilemma of providing the detailed shop drawings and not so detailed shop drawings. We, at BluEntCAD, have noticed that the process of shop drawings is based on the client’s demand which could demonstrate the look of the product and the construction methods. But there are some clients who demand every single detail such as the number and the position of the screw to the mere placement of the dowel.

Some millwork drafters complain that too much-detailing lead to messy drawings which technically result in confusion and might make the architects miss the important things in the project. In some cases, spending too much time on every nook and cranny of the woodwork can waste important hours which could rather be spent in designing around the scope and rectifying the found errors.

We have observed this multiple time where a client request for the replica of the same work as a window or a cabinet and in some cases, they want drawings with every detail on the elevation of your cabinets. These details could simply be represented by a call-out or a reference drawing to save the time and efforts in performing the work out of the scope of that project. Millwork shop drawing company can make it a thumb rule that if the repetition isn’t in your scope, they can try to limit the detailing. In short, the main purpose is to draw the shop drafting drawings as per the client’s demands and industry standards for making the project successful in the practical way.

Now we should move on to the advantages of hiring a millwork shop drawing company or let’s articulate it in a more appropriate way as below.

What are the benefits of hiring a Millwork Shop Drawing Company?

If you are looking for the dream team who would completely handle the responsibility of the project’s millwork shop drawings and cabinet shop drawing to achieve the project’s deadline, you need to outsource the work to an efficient and skilful millwork shop drawing company. BluEntCAD has enlisted the primary benefits of outsourcing the millwork to the trained professionals of the industry.

  • A Tailor-made Team of Skillful Drafters and Designers

    Hiring an outsourcing millwork company would expose the project in the hands of professional designers and drafters who specialize in the millwork shop drawings. These professionals document the intent of the architects with the instructions for the millwork manufacturers. In short, you are availing the high-quality detailed millwork drawings from the core team of specialists.

  • Cost Reduction and Enhanced Focus

    Millwork drafting and designing in the architectural industry is an expensive skill which requires special experience and expertise in the millwork area. Shop drawing drafting demands in-depth knowledge and an experience in the infrastructure of a region or a demographic which becomes challenging for most of the stakeholders to find. Millwork drafters and designers handle the project starting from the initial stage where they receive the schedules from the architects to the final correction stage on the red lines (if any). The outsourcing exercise saves huge cost of hiring the expensive professionals permanently and it provides the luxury of availing the best skill in the market by outsourcing your millwork drafting project. By choosing the right professionals for the millwork drawings, the clients save a huge amount of investment on the materials and equipment types at the later stage due to lack of focus and pre-planning.

    Once clients outsource the millwork drawings, they can concentrate on the overall picture of the woodwork construction stage like procuring right material, cost negotiations, vendor selection etc.

  • Better Efficiency in the Shorter Time Frame

    Outsourcing millwork shop drawings to the highly trained team of millwork designers could even let projects to accomplish the most complicated structures with the best quality work with the expected timeline. Hiring the skilled professionals assures you better efficiency and quality within the project’s deadline.

  • Flexible

    Millwork shop drawing companies are constantly working on the variety of projects whether they are commercial or residential. This creates a millwork team of the unique flexibility with a wide range of experience in different services and project types. Stakeholders would be outsourcing a drafting work to the team with the strong knowledge on the AWI architectural woodwork standards and millwork drawings.

This blog has summarized the purposes and benefits of having a millwork shop drawing company.

Identifying and addressing the errors at the initial stage to the budget saving leads many stakeholders to come to the decision of hiring an outsourcing company to draft and design the millwork.

BluEntCAD is a millwork shop drawing company with its presence across the globe. BluEntCAD has a strong team millwork drafters and designers who are efficiently bringing the best output to the clients. If you want to know more about this, please get in touch here.

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