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12 May 2021

The Best Practices to Adopt For Your Architectural Drawings

Arc Documentation Solutions surveyed more than 1,000 AEC professionals. Nearly 50% expressed the concern that faulty architectural drawings are a major cause of project delays.

Additionally, nearly 24.14% of AEC professionals take out hard copies of 200 to 500 documents on a weekly basis.

These numbers are indicators of both the merits and demerits of architectural documentation sets in the US.


While ‘architectural drawings’ can seem like a somewhat vague concept, we primarily refer to them as drawings produced for construction. They are also known as working drawings.

A complete set should include floor plans, the site plan, elevations, sections, and details. Additional drawings may include cabinetry drawings, rooms’ internal elevations, schedules of certain items such as windows and doors, and 3D drawings.

This is one situation where less is not more. A good set of architectural drafting will leave nothing to the imagination and contain no contradictions.

Furthermore, to make it easier for the people using the drawings, cross-referencing methods should be used. This can include page numbers, call outs, and legends and keynotes.

If you’re curious to know more about architectural working drawings, you can read their concise history of architectural working drawings.

Having the right architectural drawings not only prevents disputes, but also mitigates unnecessary delays in projects and rework costs due to improper document sets.

Construction document sets with CAD drafting ensure that your construction projects are properly planned and managed.

Best practices for effective construction documentation

Keen Observation for Discrepancies

Review all documents for discrepancies once they pass the design development stage.

In a case of disparities, notify your client immediately and request them to get the errors rectified.

The implementation of a real-life construction project begins with modifications and approved changes in the design development phase. Hence, there is the importance of keeping every collaborator on the same page.

Conducting Ground Surveys

Run a thorough check on the base plans for plumbing, fire, electricity and safety with the compliance guidelines of the region.

This gives you a fair idea of what to expect when developing a detailed construction drawing sets for your clients.

Quality Checks

Your construction document sets should be subject to a comprehensive quality check before the completed plans are forwarded to your client for review. BluEntCAD, for example, uses a three-step check that leaves little room for errors in the completed projects.


With this guide, you should be able to minimize issues in your architectural drawings.

But we understand that even the most efficient businesses might require help in this regard due to lack of time or resources. For them, there’s BluEntCAD.

We offer architectural drafting services to homebuilders, real estate developers, architectural and engineering companies, and home designers. Both residential architecture and commercial architecture are covered.

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Our robust workforce contains design professionals, BIM experts, AutoCAD craftsmen and other multi-skilled resource personnel who provide CAD solutions for all your construction projects. Even after completion, we offer troubleshooting support.

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