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17 Aug 2016

BluEntCAD: Your preferred Outsourcing Partner for Millwork Drawings

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Serving the architectural millwork industry requires attention to detail (a nuanced mind), advanced software, and an eye for dimensional plan views, elevations, sections – and details.

At BluEntCAD, we understand that Shop drawings serve as a crucial component for envisioning the building structure for architects and builders to employ the best construction techniques.

And we all know that Architects, builders, contractors, and developers juggle many tasks to meet the drafting standards of their construction projects.

So when you work with BluEntCAD ‘s team, you can easily cut down your operational tasks, and get access to some of our most exceptional millwork drafters who are proficient in millwork drawings for your doors, windows, interior cabinetry, and kitchens.

Our team works closely with architects, real estate developers, and home builders to understand your interior work and the accuracy of your millwork components based on your construction project’s deliverable.

Let’s get to some advantages of working with BluEntCAD –Outsourcing Partner:

  • Our in-house drafting team has a ‘Glocal’ outreach when it comes to working with clients globally. Here’s our CAD Studio Model that will give you an idea of how we work for a varied set of clients locally and globally.

  • The 1-month trial period where you can try Revit and CAD resource who have decades of experience in this realm; a post which, you can decide on your interest to work with us.

  • Maximum return on your investment in our skills with an even greater return on productivity and value.

  • We work on the latest technology software tools with faster turn-around from start to project delivery.

  • Helps you focus on the strategic realm of your business – and rest assured, you can trust us with our ‘smart’ and ‘effective’ running of the tactical part of your business.

  • Increased flexibility with respect to our resources and fee– we work virtually and even on an hourly basis – just so get optimum attention for your project based on its scope of work and deadlines.

  • We are known in the AEC industry for our quality of custom millwork drawings, globally.

  • With our custom shop drawings, we will help you understand the design intent before it manifests into a successful construction site.

If you are interested in learning about our millwork Shop drawing services, please fill the Request for Services and we will get in touch with you.

Avail your millwork package now!

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