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Building Information Modeling

Revit families

The Role of Revit Families in Building Design

The phrase Revit families immediately conjure up images of furniture and interiors. You are probably wondering

revit and bim

Revit is not BIM. Revit Supports BIM

Is Revit and BIM the same? There is a desperate need for some clarity in this regard.

Completion Of Projects Within-Stipulated-Deadlines

Benefits of using 4D/5D BIM For Construction Projects

Building Information Modeling


After establishing its worth as an intelligent model-based process which can facilitate resourceful insights to AEC


BIM vs CAD: How To Know The Difference And Why?

Sure, you know the names and software too; but can you distinguish between the two?

3D Laser Scanning: Cropping endless benefits and conquering the AEC industry

There is a heap of analysis options and uncountable benefits available in 3D laser scanning that makes it a very captivating technology in the AEC industry.

Evolution of 3D laser scanning technologies in the AEC industry: ‘Scan to BIM’ hallmarks as the biggest innovation

Building Information Modeling


If we clock back into the recent past, there have been a handful of innovative and exciting technological advancements in the construction industry.

Creating a BIM environment – Intelligence on your fingertips

Building Information Modeling


There was a time; decades ago, when architects would draw the building designs by hand. If you entered their workspace you would have found them working on their large drafting

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