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Building Information Modeling

How Scan to BIM is Revolutionizing Renovation Projects

Building Information Modeling


Scan to BIM has been lauded by industry experts as the gold standard for 3D models.

Remodeling expenditure is seeing an upward trend that’s

How BIM Outsourcing Helps Infrastructure

Building Information Modeling


President Barack Obama declared that infrastructure is a key investment for long-term economic growth in the country. The growing population and industrialization around

Why Building Codes Are Crucial In The Construction Industry

Building codes are a set of rules or guidelines specifying the minimum levels of safety in buildings. It is imperative to be familiar with them for architectural construction drawings.

Single Family Residential

Single Family Residential Development: The Face of Modern American Architecture

The face of modern American architecture has changed considerably in the 21st century.

Virtual Simulation in the AEC Industry

The AEC Industry is experiencing a dynamic shift as more and more stakeholders are accepting Building Information Modeling (BIM) as a tool to integrate this fragmented industry.

Revit families

The Role of Revit Families in Building Design

The phrase Revit families immediately conjure up images of furniture and interiors. You are probably wondering

revit and bim

Revit is not BIM. Revit Supports BIM

Is Revit and BIM the same? There is a desperate need for some clarity in this regard.

Completion Of Projects Within-Stipulated-Deadlines

Benefits of using 4D/5D BIM For Construction Projects

Building Information Modeling


After establishing its worth as an intelligent model-based process which can facilitate resourceful insights to AEC


BIM vs CAD: How To Know The Difference And Why?

BIM vs CAD. Sure, you know the names and software too; but can you distinguish between the two?

3D Laser Scanning: Cropping endless benefits and conquering the AEC industry

There is a heap of analysis options and uncountable benefits available in 3D laser scanning that makes it a very captivating technology in the AEC industry.


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