29 Apr 2022

Understanding Residential Construction Documents: Building Better Homes

Architectural construction drawing by BluEntCAD This blog has been updated on – April 29, 2022 In every residential construction or renovation project, residential construction documents are paramount for successful, safe construction.

22 Apr 2022

BIM vs CAD: What to Choose and When

CAD conversion by BluEntCAD This blog has been updated on – April 22, 2022 BIM vs CAD. To truly make the most of your construction or renovation projects, you need to know what Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Computer-Aided Design (CAD) are each best suited for, as well as their relation to each other.

20 Apr 2022

How to Choose Between a Custom Home and a Ready-Made Home

Exterior rendering of residence by BluEntCAD This blog has been updated on – April 20, 2022 So, you’re in the market for a new home. Perhaps you’re dreaming of an airy, light-filled custom home you can move into with your beautiful family. Perhaps you need a practical, central place to stay for a few months …

13 Apr 2022

What’s Obstructing Your Computer Aided Design (CAD) Success?

Architectural construction drawing by BluEntCAD This blog has been updated on – April 13, 2022 The construction industry is expanding exponentially with the help of computer aided design (CAD). However, there are some common mistakes made in CAD design that can lead to high costs and potential safety issues. In this article, we’ll cover how to …

08 Apr 2022

PDF to CAD Conversion: Common Challenges With Their Solutions

This blog has been updated on – April 08, 2022 PDF to CAD conversion is a complex process. When not managed well, it can create serious issues that can lead to higher costs and lost time.

01 Apr 2022

What are Technical Construction Drawings and How are they Relevant?

This blog has been updated on – April 01, 2022 In today’s Knowledge Series, we will discuss what technical construction drawings are, including how many different types there are, and the best practices to create effective technical drawings.

16 Mar 2022

What is the Importance of Architectural Elevation Drawings?

This blog has been updated on – March 16, 2022 Architectural elevation drawings play a crucial role in the construction process. But what are they, and how do they help construction and renovation?

09 Mar 2022

Why is Construction Drawing Important to Develop a Building?

Exterior elevation by BluEntCAD This blog has been updated on – March 09, 2022 To execute any building project, a construction drawing set is required on the construction site. This is done to define the production details into tender documentation, such as the materials to be used, highly accurate dimensions, etc. Construction drawings are commonly …

31 Jan 2022

Vital Elements of Laboratory Design

Woman and man in laboratory by Edward Jenner Successful laboratory design provides an environment that researchers and scientists require to develop solutions to humanity’s most pressing problems,

03 Jan 2022

Principles of Modern Library Design

Interior view of modern library by Polona Mitar Osolnik Libraries are hubs of knowledge, activity and technology that can be ambitious in scale and design. To create appropriate, safe and comfortable areas for study, reading, research