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23 Mar 2018

4 Design Trends Dominating Working Drawings in the Commercial Sector

The interior design of a commercial space impacts the brand in a big way.

The interior design of a commercial space impacts the brand in a big way. The design is what furnishes ‘branding’ for any commercial project. There are several ways companies are trying to create a unique identity. This exclusiveness is what influences both customers and employees. Customers form an image of the brand through the design – it is what creates the ‘first impression’ and the visual appeal.

Work, workers and consumers are changing in a big way and so is the Commercial working drawings. Initially, the construction and architectural drawings in the commercial buildings used to be very pale, icy and clinical. The focus was on delivering a highly ‘professional’ look. So whether it was hospitals or offices – the same design template was used in the working drawings. However, there has been a huge shift in the way commercial space is designed today.

Every sector in the commercial zone is influenced by a newer set of trends and perspectives. There are bolder and more ‘creative’ themes emerging in commercial design and BluEntCAD has analyzed and highlighted the ones that will be quite prominent this year.

The creative and explosive colour palettes

The colors that were most dominating in the commercial sector were white and off-white. It was about keeping it ‘plain’ and professional. However, we have seen an explosive shift in the colour codes. Businesses are now opting for more ‘vibrant’ or ‘earthy’ colours. They want the space to reflect ‘creativity’ and deliver more positive vibes. In the last couple of years we have seen some businesses even adopt fiery colours by using complimentary colours of red or pink etc.

F is for functionality not furniture

Gone are the days when boring desks, racks, storage compartments or chairs filled the ‘boxy’ looking space. Today the main attributes that drive the selection of furniture is – comfort, style and ‘green’ in nature. So the materials that now in trend is natural textures, reclaimed wood and metals that are more eco-friendly. It helps in branding the company as ‘green’ and creates a more authentic environment for both the consumers and employees.

Nature doesn’t need you but you need her

The video by Julia Roberts has been one of the most impactful ones that reflect how significant nature is to us. The modern designs in both commercial and residential sectors are moving towards blurring the boundaries of both indoors and outdoors. This trend is becoming even more prevalent in commercial construction. So either big glass windows are used to bring the nature in. Even decorative greenery elements or plants are used around the commercial space to create a ‘natural atmosphere’.

Elegance with a load of warmth

Yes, commercial offices still need to have elegance about them to set them apart. However, the trend is towards making the space more warm, comfortable and welcoming. This trend is aimed at both customers and employees – while it gives a very welcoming feeling for the customers, it keeps the employees gratified, creative and productive. The cold outlook of a workspace or a hospital can make employees feel very drained out. However, a home like feeling gives them the space to breathe, be comfortable and work more constructively.

The experts at BluEntCAD have concluded that these modern themes add a lot of excitement to commercial design. They are no longer boring or clinical helping to attract the right employees and customers. The themes communicate the brand story and have an indirect impact on business profits. Connect with our architects and designers to create commercial working drawings for a theme that fits with your brand.

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