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16 Dec 2020

Custom Kitchen Cabinets: The Fruits of Perfect Millwork Drafting

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Cabinets define your kitchen, whether they are rustic, sleek, modern, or attention-grabbing. If you want a kitchen to be a place of warmth, happiness, and comfort – truly the centre of the home – the right way to do it is through custom kitchen cabinet drafting.

Can millwork shop drawings help to design a fabulous kitchen? You bet it can.

Not everyone has the luxury of taking advantage of kitchen cabinet drafting.  But when someone does have the opportunity, they have a dream within their grasp.

An interior designer’s job is to make that dream kitchen into a reality. They should get an idea of what their client wants and make a graphics drawing. Once they’ve drawn the perfect kitchen, they should hand the millwork detail drawings over to a CAD drafting and detailing company. 

Types of kitchens

When we think of a kitchen, we immediately picture home and a family – in other words, warmth and comfort. There are of course many different types of kitchens. How will kitchen cabinet drafting cater to each of these types?


A restaurant kitchen is not just about the amount of storage it can give you. It is also about convenience and utility. The design and millwork drafting has to focus on ensuring that basic facilities are catered to.

Electrical wiring, gas and water pipelines are crucial. The millwork shop drawings have to accommodate these features. Pots, pans and ladles should be stored where they are easily accessible. The storage for utensils has to be designed accordingly.

The millwork drafting solutions for a perfect restaurant kitchen takes into consideration the type of food preparation and the working space required. Organizing the kitchen design into storage, workspace, cooking area and serving area is essential.

This task becomes much easier with the millwork shop drawings. There is no better way to organize your restaurant kitchen than with millwork. You can achieve utility and purpose in every area of your kitchen.

Serving space in a kitchen

Bar kitchen

A bar usually does not have many orders for food. The menu is limited and so is the kitchen space. To make the best use of the kitchen space you need to use millwork detailing.

Hospital kitchen

We should not undermine the importance of a hospital kitchen. Many lives are dependent on the food that comes from there. A hospital kitchen is similar to any other commercial kitchen, though it has a few advantages over other commercial kitchens.

The variety of food being cooked is smaller and meal timings are fixed. There are no rush orders. But we should not underestimate the quantity of food being cooked in a hospital kitchen. A hospital kitchen with millwork drafting design allows you to customize the available space. It takes into consideration sanitation standards and other hospital needs.

A yacht kitchen and dining, with a view. Cabinets are under the seating for space utility

Yacht kitchen

Need to design a kitchen for a yacht? With millwork drafting you can design the intricate details of a fully functional kitchen. Irrespective of how large the yacht is, the kitchen space will be limited.

The storage space should be sufficient to stock up on food for the high seas. The cabinets have to be secure. Stuff should not tumble out of the cupboards if the waters are rough.

Now isn’t that a kitchen you could spend the whole day in?

Home kitchens

Home kitchens are the most diverse types. The size of the kitchen depends on the size or design of the house. Designing custom kitchen cabinets for a house takes a lot more effort than any other type of kitchen. Cabinet detail drawing is the way to go for in this case.

Designing Kitchens

Each type of kitchen will have a different design based on the function it is meant for. A designer has to keep in mind two important factors when designing any kitchen

  • Utility

  • Storage

The designer’s role is designing a kitchen is to create the concept. The placement of the cabinets, gadgets, appliances and counters has to be planned according to the requirement. This drawing is then converted to a technical drawing. The millwork CAD drafting is used for prefabrication of the custom kitchen cabinets.

Quality of custom kitchen cabinets

The kitchen cabinet drafting is an essential part of the quality of the custom kitchen cabinetry. Defining the quality of material for the exterior and interior of the cabinets is easier with millwork detailing.

The cabinet manufacturer can understand precise details such as the style of shelves, type of knobs, quality of channels, racks, screws, stands, etc. Millwork drafting solutions help to ensure that the kitchen is made of suitable quality material.

Millwork drafting solutions

Millwork drafting will help your kitchen designing in a number of ways.

  • Faster: Cabinet detail drawings enable prefabrication. The cabinets are ready for installation by the time the other aspects of the kitchen interiors is complete.

  • Reduce the probability of errors: With the millwork shop drawings the exact specifications are available and this ensures that there are no errors.

  • Reduce cost: Without details and specifications, there is a higher possibility of mistakes. These can be expensive.

    These are the various benefits to getting architectural millwork CAD drafting for designing a kitchen, even if it is a renovation project.

We have ascertained the need for millwork drafting. But where can you find millwork drafting services?


You don’t have to look too far, BluEntCAD provides millwork drafting solutions in the US, Canada, Australia and the Middle East. Millwork drafting can be complicated, especially if the original sketch does not have any details. Our team will work with you to ensure millwork detail drawings.

Contact us to get your perfect millwork kitchen cabinet drafting. 

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