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14 Oct 2020

Custom Millwork for the Home: Unique Staircase Ideas

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Staircases, due to their detailing, are widely regarded as fine works in the millwork and architecture industries. They are not just a necessity; they are an anchor inside a house. Whether you’re renovating your home or building a new one, staircases, especially custom millwork staircases, are the essence of your Architectural drawings.

Many homeowners don’t discern just how big of a difference a staircase makes – not just in the overall design of a home, but in their daily interactions with it.

Practicality and aesthetic appeal give stairways the potential of transforming a home in multiple ways.

A staircase is a permanent feature, and creating a successful custom stair design is a complex process with several factors to consider. Knowledge and understanding of the process is key to ensuring the perfect fit.

Space and building design are the first considerations. Building codes often govern aspects of staircase design like riser height, tread depth, distance between each landing, handrail height and size, and space between balusters.

Make sure to partner with an experienced drafting company to balance your inspiration with the building requirements. At BluEntCAD, our experts can help you find the perfect staircase design for your home or office through our precise, high-quality millwork drawings.

Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

Stairs with built-in storage

There are many to combine custom millwork stairways with storage. The most popular shop drawing designs requested by our customers are storage beside stairs, underneath stairs, or built into stairs.

  • Storage besides the stairs

    This is the ideal choice for wider spaces and stairs that are built adjacent to large, unused walls. Custom shelving that fits the layout is designed so that each step doubles as a high shelf.

    This arrangement provides a compact yet aesthetic complement to the overall area. Floor-to-ceiling bookshelves are particularly suited to single-string staircases – these show off the unit while providing utility at the same time.

  • Storage underneath the stairs

    Cabinetry underneath the stairs gives a classic look. It is both practical and functional. It works especially well for children’s play areas, as shelving usually starts from the floor and holds several easy-to-reach nooks for younger hands. Homemakers can take advantage of this and store toys, books, and even shoes so that their kids can access them on their own.

  • Storage built into the stairs

    For those looking to maximize their space, this is the best solution.

    Wood-paneled staircases are perfect for customization. Homeowners can work with millwork designers to develop shelves that can store exactly what they need. Some pragmatic uses of such storage include rugs and carpets, toys, and home décor.

    Has your firm worked on projects building staircase storage solutions? Chat with our drafters today and share your experience!

Learn more about SolidWorks 3D Modeling Services.

Artistic handrails & balusters

A staircase railing is not just a safety feature. When done right, balusters, railings, and newels can make a real style statement and give your place a makeover. Whatever your décor – ultramodern, minimalistic, Victorian, contemporary – there’s a staircase railing combination to match.

A modern and minimalist handrail design helps a staircase blend into a bright, open space seamlessly, while decorative wooden newels create an elegant and a grand entryway. Handrails can also incorporate the latest interior design trends perfectly into an otherwise unremarkable stairway.

Metal vs. wood balusters

Choosing between metal or wood for staircase balusters is a tough choice. Hardwood is more affordable and integrates smoothly with other millwork components such as custom cabinetry, moldings and doors. Iron or aluminum balusters boast more durability, ease of installation, and versatility in design, though at a higher price.

Ultimately, the choice comes down to whether you want to make the stairway stand out as a centerpiece on its own, or focus on the overall layout of the room.

BluEntCAD specializes in CAD solutions for a variety of home renovation projects, especially molding and millwork details. The precision of our millwork drafting services enables our clients to have confidence to enter the construction phase with minimal or no rework.

The debate over materials doesn’t end at balusters – interior designers can spend hours going back and forth between different staircase construction materials. Modern staircase design favors fusion between elements such as iron and timber, wood and glass, and stainless steel and wood.

Contemporary glass

The reason glass panels have become so popular is that they let light into a home like no other material. Much like mirrors, glass is an excellent choice for interior designers looking to make a room appear bigger than it actually is. Clients who want a minimalist take on their latest home renovation also use glass for designing their custom stairway.

Stained wood

Another popular trend is the use of stained wood for open tread design staircases. Stained wood can be applied to almost anything, right from curb wall design to handrails. It adds a touch of graceful luxury.

Stained wood is also an ideal choice for homeowners who are renovating their houses. Experimenting with different stains can completely change the layout of your room without burning a hole in your wallet.

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Vibrant stair runners

The easiest way for interior designers to add a bespoke flair to stairs in narrow quarters is through carpeting. Rather than attempting an elaborate structural design that works around tight corners and walls, it makes more sense to show off the personality of a house through animal prints, hand-loomed textures, and bold colors.

BluEntCAD works with interior home designers, cabinet makers, and manufacturers to bring leading technological innovation to contemporary furniture design. Through millwork drawings crafted with international standards of quality, we guarantee our clients the accuracy they need to achieve the functionality and visual appeal they envisioned for each and every project.

We hope these tips gave you inspiration for your next custom millwork project. Contact us to learn more about how BluEntCAD can help you make it a success!

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