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07 May 2018

Design Documentation: The Leading Trends and Practices

Design documentation mushrooms in a creative environment. The design documentation created for construction projects incorporate the various design elements in exhaustive details.

The key to creating a great documentation is to ensure a superior level of clarity for every minute specification. The design documentation acts as a communication tool for clients. It showcases the big picture. The design documentation, therefore, becomes a selling point helping organizations to meet or even exceed client expectations in a more intelligent way.

The design documentation also dictates the goals and objectives of a project. It includes the CD sets with specific drawings of the construction project. These specific drawings incorporate the schematic designs, floor plans, exterior and interior views of the project.

The technological advancements have made the design documentation a more ‘automatic’ and a simpler task. It has given enough space to the designers and architects to focus on creativity and curating more ‘unique’ ideas.

BluEntCAD professionals have outlined the practices and trends impacting the design documentation process in a big way. They have discussed 3 major influencers that are helping them to work on the CD sets in a more ‘intelligent’ way.

Technological advancements make the process more robotic

The ‘manual’ methodology of developing CD sets no longer exists thanks to the integration of technological inventions. The drawings are not handmade anymore and it even goes a few steps beyond CAD. The 3D models created for the construction project are intricately designed. It showcases every detail that enables the client to get a complete picture of their future project. Technological integration leaves very little room for errors, makes the process simpler, faster and less costly. According to BluEntCAD, it even aids in saving enough time to close even complex projects at a faster rate in comparison to the ones that would take years to complete.

Creativity is at its peak

The traditional processes being very time consuming and stressful made it quite difficult for architects and designers to give time to more creative or innovative ideas. The biggest trend that influences the design documentation process is innovation. The digitized process makes it easier for the design professionals to focus on creativity and come up with more innovative ideas for their projects. According to the professionals at BluEntCAD, the team has introduced frequent brainstorming sessions to tap into the specific needs of their clients and try to integrate ‘out of the box’ ideas and plans. This allows the team to create the most impactful and unique design documentation.

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Models take over the visualization process

There was a time when the clients would need to close their eyes and visualize the project. Even if they had to imagine a living room with various elements, it would be all in their heads. Today, the design documents bring those elements to life in a ‘model’ form and give the clients a more clear idea of not only what that space will look like but what it ‘feels’ like. This gives them ample opportunities to connect with space without it being actually constructed.

The design documentation process impacts the construction project in a huge way by saving both time and money for both the parties involved. It even reduces the chances of errors during the construction project by meeting the needs of the clients and delivering a space that they truly desire. BluEntCAD professionals have worked on a countless number of design documents that have been a catalyst for delivering superior quality, error-free, timesaving construction projects. Connect with our team to know more about the documentation services.

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