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05 Oct 2018

Exterior 3D Rendering Trends To Use In Your Next Residential Project

A vision of a residential project is extremely crucial and this is where exterior 3D rendering trends play an effective and triumphant role.

It lays out a platform for the clients to understand and scrutinize the 3D building design in a more detailed and exhaustive way.

Incorporation of the latest styles and trends to create very unique and modern renders is the key to unleashing a successful project.

If architects have a grand plan for your next residential project, what can we do? It’s simple. We use exterior rendering services that can help in conveying the ideas in a more clear and meticulous form to everyone involved in the project.

Your developers, board members, and every stakeholder will be able to grasp every element with clarity. Exterior 3D renders will allow them to know the unique features that is bringing the structure to life.

What 3D rendering companies in USA really do is to bring their client’s attention to every detail that can go amiss otherwise. The team at BluEntCAD has created 3D renders for apartments that have displayed the minutes of details as ground cover. So now you know what we are really talking about!

So, why is exterior 3D rendering that important you ask? Well, the end clients need to be in sync with what structure are they investing in. The clients won’t understand a thing if you only talk about exterior 3D renders or use another architect lingo. What they will however understand is what they see and hence ‘accurately’ visualize their dream homes!

Let’s take a look at what’s trending in this sector and how it can transform the visualization process.

Trends in exterior 3D rendering

  • VR is the king of exterior visualization services

    Ever heard of VR? Every design company that has worked on 3D exterior renderings has dreamt of VR for eons. It’s more ‘completely’ known as Virtual Reality. This one has been trending for a while now! However, the reason it still tops our list is because of how VR is being finally used in a more immersive form than before.

    The power it truly holds to showcase a 3D building design or 3D floor plan in the most enigmatic ways! Imagine showing the new structure in a more dynamic form and creating a wonderful interactive experience for your clients – from a human walking his dog outside the apartment to the trees blowing in the wind!

    VR may be expensive and can hike up that exterior 3D rendering cost but it cannot be replaced!

  • Behind the scenes of Static Diagramming

    It’s not just about what the stakeholders are looking at. Their understanding has to go beyond the visuals. The clients need to know what goes into the design process. In layman terms, of course! Even an old couple looking at it should be able to understand what has gone into the exterior 3D renders!

    Static Diagramming is what helps in showcasing these design elements such as plumbing mechanical systems or environmental and site characteristics. This allows the clients to gain clarity on the work and reasons behind the exterior visuals!

  • Pop goes the weasel in the animation world

    Animation has a very ‘timeless’ layer to it. It’s been in the industry for years too. However, the novel thing about it today is how architects and designers are using motion renderings for their project.

    Animation has become a very significant trend in exterior 3D rendering. It gives insights into how a land can be revolutionized into something absolutely dynamic! So these animations include 3D Architectural walkthrough, axonometric drawings, and just about anything our architect’s mind can create! Animations give exhaustive clarity and information that is not easy to explain!

  • Model anything in 3D exterior rendering

    3D modeling is turning out to be a very popular trend in the world on exterior 3D rendering! It has been prevalent in almost every field in a big way, even medicine.

    Learn more about 3D Architectural Walkthrough Services.

    Today, designers and architects are doing insanely wonderful things with 3D modeling!

    The architects are able to create effects that make the visualization process way more realistic and attractive. Imagine the inclusion of anything and everything in a 3D building design and the environment that surrounds the structure! A human in a vehicle to a security guard on the phone! Wow, isn’t it?

Hence, what really are few of the benefits of creating superior quality exterior 3D rendering?

  • Creating visually appealing 3D building designs to attract potential buyers

  • A high clarity in the design from an external perspective – no room for presumptions!

  • Showcase a realistic environment – leaves no room for miscalculations or misinterpretations!

  • Speed-up the client approval process and get a splendid kickstart on the project!

  • There is more – many more. Check out what else exterior 3D rendering can do for your next residential project!


Exterior 3D renderings will not leave anything much to your client’s imagination anymore! Everything proposed will be more tangible and realistic with exterior 3D renders. The companies can create interactive 360-degree images and videos or 360-degree renderings that can be experienced inside a VR viewer! Anything is possible with these concepts!

BluEntCAD 3D renderings service can help you to show off every vantage point, features and characteristics in exploding detail for your next residential project! It will make your 3D building design look simply marvelous and incredible. The question is, which of these trends will do just that and be absolutely right for your new project?

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