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Your Home Interior Tells a Lot About You: Color and Millwork Ideas


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Download Our Millwork Sample

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Custom architectural millwork

One should not always follow the rule book. Some are meant to be broken. In the age of modern minimalism, all-white walls and homes suit many.
More than 80% of the residential homes around the world every month are opting for all white-colored 3D renderings and millwork drawings (we know as BluEntCAD get such request). A huge mansion with white walls, a mix of vintage rustic accents and elements, green environment and white interiors could get hypnotic to many.

Simple and cozy white bedroom relax you the minute you step in. Yes, we all love white walls and simple aesthetic elements complimenting it. But, don’t you think, your home should reflect a sense of who you are, along with following the trending trends. Whether it to be bright or simple pastel colors. Email UsGet in touch with our experts to know more about MillworkE-mail: US: +1 (832) 476 8459 Canada: +1 (647) 478 5230 Query: Work with experts That’s why we have listed down the color and personality inspired interior to enlighten you with some quirky and interesting ideas.

  1. Leading Red

    The inclusion of gleeful prominent red color in the custom-made furniture and decorative accessories bring life to this living space. Adventurous and strong-headed people love this color addition in their home space.

  2. Nurturing Green

    Green velvet sofa gives a very fresh and soothing feeling to the eyes in contrast with the wooden white glass door. People who enjoy this color in their home elaborates their calm and humble identity. Don’t you want such sweet corner in your house which brings wisdom and leisure in your life?

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  3. Socializing Yellow

    Big yellow door entrance cheers the visitors before even they enter your house. Yellow is quite a peppy color brings fun and happy mood around. People with yellow personality are mostly social and enthusiastic.

  4. Analytically Blue

    Affection towards blue showcase the tranquil and serene side of the individual. A perfect piece of bathroom cabinet enhanced by the light blue turquoise color against white walls.

  5. Merry Orange

    Positive and self-motivated lot brings orange in the collection. A beautiful intelligently crafted artistic bookshelf for your study room.

We’re not limiting people with one shade or color. Why can’t we have different shades of traits? I truly love all the above designs and colors, but I know my choice which defines me dramatically when I design my house. Do you know yours?

BluEntCADMillwork shop drawing company can design the millwork detailing for any corner of your home. If you are planning a dream home design, talk to us today!

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