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Exploring Elements of Hotel Lobby Design: A Closer Look At The Interior Detailing

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The lobby is an integral part of the hotel design as it is seen to be the most dominant location in the hotel industry.

It is a snapshot of the overall image of the hotel. When clients and customers enter the hotel lobby, what they see helps them to form an opinion of what the entire hotel interiors will offer. Hence, the interior detailing of the hotel lobby is extremely vital for the hotel business and success. ‘The first impression creates a lasting impression’. This saying holds a lot of significance in the hotel industry. Hotel Lobby is the window to the interior detailing of the complete hotel design that allows the clients to have that first impression.

The initial interior detailing consisted of awe-inspiring décor which would leave the guests speechless. However, while the décor part of interiors still has that power, the modern lobbies have incorporated a different dimension to the lobby design. They have tapped the multi-purpose design to the lobby concept which truly captures the heart of various kinds of travelers. The inclusion of both social and private areas in the lobby draws guests who are looking for relaxation or work. It even allows customers to hold meetings or sit with friends – spending some extra time in this space. BluEntCAD has defined 3 key elements that make a world of difference to the interior detailing of the lobby design. Email UsGet in touch with our experts to know more about Interior DesignE-mail: US: +1 (832) 476 8459 Canada: +1 (647) 478 5230 Query: Work with experts

Set your travelers free: The layout is the key focus

When creating the drawings of the interiors for a hotel lobby it is crucial to take into account the layout of the space. It is important to understand the kind of furniture that will be used in the design and where they will be placed. Even with the inclusion of all the physical elements, the lobby needs to look comfortable and spacious for every kind of traveler and guest. It should allow enough space for them to move around easily and at the same time have the required furniture/materials in both social and private area. Furniture plays a very significant role in providing that very style that your hotel will be defined by. The furniture will always help in creating the ‘right’ atmosphere that you want to convey to your travellers and clients.

Redefining ‘Reception’: Going beyond the ‘desk and wall’

Welcoming guest is a vital part of the overall service that can create a lasting memory. It’s not only crucial for staff to be warm and friendly but even the ‘physical’ reception area needs to reflect the same. Adding a desk to the reception surrounding isn’t enough. The reception and waiting area need to make the guests feel welcomed and ‘special’. The waiting space can be interconnected to the reception by again ensuring you leave enough space in between the two for easy movement. The interior detailing and design need to be both powerful and fascinating. The back wall to the reception desk can be embossed with a beautiful design and the desk can have a story of its own. Of course, how you welcome your travellers will play a great role but the décor and interior detailing will make a world of difference.

Connect the dots: Refining the individualistic spaces

The modern hotel lobby has a multi-use space that defines its layout. The drawings of these individualistic spaces have to reflect holisticity. The different areas in the same space need to feel connected by adding that perfect visual anchor. With every element such as colors, lighting and materials playing a crucial role – it needs to create a cohesive outlook bringing in all the individual spaces together. We shouldn’t forget that the look and feel of these elements including the furniture in the lobby space actually define the ‘class’ of the hotel. Hence, The interior detailing here shouldn’t be taken lightly. BluEnt millworkers and interior experts have worked on complex CAD drawings/detailing of many hotel lobbies and rooms in the recent past. They have combined modernity with the required style by the hotels. For your upcoming hotel project, connect with BluEntCAD to know more about the interior rendering services. Maximum Value Achieved. 

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