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18 Nov 2020

How are Millennials Influencing Restaurant Design?

Millennials are influencing the restaurant industry in a big way – not just the food and service, but the design as well. They have finally surpassed boomers in buying power, and have their own unique dining preferences.

Here’s what you need to know to get them lined up outside your restaurant.

Wait – who exactly are millenials?

The millennial generation consists of people born between 1981 and 1996. The youngest millennials are 24-years old while older millennials are in their late thirties.

Millennials make up for 30% of the world’s population and they dine out an average of 240 times a year – making them a force to be reckoned with.

This generation is looking for vibrancy, boldness, uniqueness, and of course, healthier eating options.

When it comes to restaurant design, if there is one trait that really defines millennials, it’s their passion. They consistently crave novel experiences.

Eating out for a millennial is a journey, an experience. The restaurant needs to communicate a story that they can be a part of.

So, what kind of restaurant design trends are drawing millennials through the doors? Can you opt for such restaurant working drawings? Let’s dig deeper.

They are quirky, so they want quirky

Millennials love everything bold, colorful, and vibrant. They want excitement oozing through the designs and layout. A millennial-friendly décor is the one that reflects ‘youthfulness’ and ‘adventure’.

Just adding a different layout with designer chairs and tables is not enough – the restaurant design needs to tell a story. It needs to create an experience that is one of a kind.

For instance, you could add a few cultural pieces that match your cuisine or theme, weaving in a delicate historic story. Another idea is to create an ambience to complement hospitality by leveraging technology.

BluEntCAD’s talented designers can create detailed drawings to make your restaurant millennial-friendly. Talk to us and find out how!

Help them embrace their ‘techy’ side a bit more

You wouldn’t see any millennial without their gadgets. So, if your design documentation can accommodate additional electrical outlets and USB ports, you will stand out to be a winner.

Considering that over 90.4% millennials are active on social media, you’d definitely want them to post selfies, upload snapchats, and tweet about their #EpicNightOut at your restaurant. The more provisions to charge their devices, the better for you!

Learn more about Interior Renderings Services.

The culture of remote working has also seen an upward trend, especially after the global coronavirus pandemic. As things resume to normal, expect millennials to create a cozy nook for themselves at your coffee shop, eatery, or restaurant. Just ensure that you have a stable wi-fi connection and regular inflow of quality coffee!

Don’t mess with the environment – Green it up!

Millennials deeply care about the culture and mission of your restaurant. A Nielson report shows that approximately 85% millennials believe that businesses should implement processes and programs that positively impact the environment. In fact, over 66% millennials are willing to pay more for businesses and brands that practice sustainability.

So, if you incorporate eco-friendly restaurant design plans and build a green restaurant, expect more and more millennials pouring through your doors.

Some ideas to incorporate a sustainable restaurant design are:

  • Increased natural lighting and ventilation

  • Multi-functional or convertible furniture

  • Recycled wood, cork, or bamboo materials

  • Repurposing old or antique furnishing instead of buying new furniture

  • Plants and creepers for creating biophilic interior landscapes

  • Ensuring cleaner air with fewer volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

  • Natural wall décor with brick art, bamboo, wood planks, or rice-paper coverings.

  • Sustainable flooring options such as bamboo, linoleum, cork, or recycled metal and glass.

  • Eco-friendly packaging and take-out containers instead of plastic doggy bags.

Pro tip: It’s better to incorporate design changes in working drawings during the documentation phase itself, as rework can be expensive and time-consuming.

Beetroot burger patties, green smoothies and more

The concept of open kitchens is not a new one, but millennials are rushing this trend in. They need to know what they are eating, ergo, the open kitchens to see what goes in their smoothies.

As kitchens are an integral part of commercial working drawings, make sure to consult expert designers and drafters before constructing your open kitchen.

BluEntCAD‘s professionals can create the most attractive construction working drawings for your restaurant kitchen. Write to us today to discuss how you can add and merge authenticity and creativity in your restaurant design!

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