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03 Jan 2018

The Processes Behind Product Rendering and Visualization

Product rendering and visualization is a lot more than just creating something beautiful to the eyes

It is all about the business, designing, following process and creating a lifestyle.

Have you ever wondered how companies create interesting looking products one after another? There have been numerous commercials to sell these products using random crazy ideas. We had seen a car commercial lately where a person is sculpting the new car design using clay and keeping an audience interested until the end. This made us think about the importance of product rendering and 3D product visualization in various industries. Is this how companies create a prototype of their products? Maybe.

Though, in this blog, we are trying to explore the technology’s part in creating the digital representation of future products. In today’s time, product designers are becoming quite innovative and technically sound due to higher competition and increasing demand. 3D modeling and product rendering software are adding a lot of creative freedom to the design industry. Most of the product-oriented organizations are relying on product rendering services for designing and marketing purposes.

Define Product Rendering and visualization

Product rendering and visualization is a crucial technology that economically creates realistic visuals of the desired product. This is the quickest way to develop an idea into a design and it becomes easier for the stakeholders to get the design edited or changed at the prototype stage without investing loads of money to it. In layman language, it is digitizing the product and creating realistic images to either sell or design a better version. A product design is firstly modeled using a variety of programs such as Rhino, Maya or 3DSMax, after this, the model is rendered using various rendering engines and plugins. This final photorealistic product rendering has many purposes as it helps in the product to be sold, bought or traded.

How does the Product Life Cycle work?

Any project begins with the ritual of brainstorming where a bunch of artists, designers, and engineers come up with random ideas around the product line. This is an utterly confusing stage of a product lifecycle where everyone needs to agree on a collaborative decision for commencing a designing stage. Designers need to come up with a realistic idea keeping balance in reality & creativity and also need to become flexible with their concepts because this virtual product needs to live in the real world as well.

Product Rendering’s Significance at the Designing Stage

Designing a product isn’t as simple as drawing on a piece of paper. A product designer must understand the functionalities of the product and showcase it in a realistic way. A product could either be a single entity with no functions or a complicated electrical tool, a designer has to focus both on the beauty of the product as well as the electrical & mechanical stability. This is where digital science plays its role. Relying on design technology teaches about the minute details of product parts as well as the end product. People are able to view and understand the product a lot before the physical prototype is manufactured.

Product Rendering’s Significance at the Marketing Stage

Advancements in the digital technology of 3d product rendering service have a huge influence on marketing strategies.  We all have been witnessing digital billboards everywhere for selling all kinds of products to consumers. Copywriters and marketing individuals are also involved in the designing of photorealistic 3D product visualization which is focused on consumers’ understanding of the product. Marketing and advertising play an important role in not just selling the end product but it also sells the crux of the product. For instance, we all are aware of Apple. They aren’t just selling smartphones and laptops, moreover, they are selling you the personality and lifestyle. It isn’t easy to achieve. You need greater content along with how the product functions and the designer team which can render both the functionality and the style in the 2D renderings of the product.

BluEntCAD, a CAD outsourcing company, has gathered years of experience in the rendering and visualization industry around the globe. We have a team of experienced players who know the strong and weak links of any project they work upon which helps in bringing the best results. Reach out to us and explore more about it.

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