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What is the Importance of 3D Interior and 3D Exterior Rendering to Architecture?

3D Rendering

3D Exterior Rendering

Working as an architect is no piece of cake. A lot of precision is required to draw the layouts, get client feedbacks and it involves a lot of rework as well. But with technological advancements, architects are no longer stuck drawing with hands. 3D interior and 3D exterior rendering have changed the way design perspectives are worked upon and shared with clients.

Why is designing and explaining the designs a crucial part of architecture?

A designer may be phenomenal at making designs but if he is not able to explain it to the client, the entire hard work can go for a toss.  As architecture is a complex art, not all of the clients will be able to visualize what the architect talks about and that is why the designing becomes so important.

3D rendering service is one technological advancement that led to a drastic change in the way architects work today. Using 3D animations, architects can create life-like designs that are an effective way of communicating the attributes to the client. Email UsGet in touch with our experts to know more about 3D rendering-mail:
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Importance of 3D interior rendering and 3D exterior rendering

  • Multiple minds brought together

    The internal and external design is not only the work of an architect. It involves engineers, designers and software architects who need to work together to come out with an exclusive and practically feasible design. With 3D interior and exterior rendering, all the parties involved can work simultaneously on the same design and complete it within the promised timelines.

  • Stimulating Model

    Importance of 3D rendering is prevalent as the architectural project visualization software makes the job of architects and designers easy as these software’s are capable of simulating the light effect, ventilation proportions, aesthetics and acoustics in the design. The architect does not have to work extra for it and it makes the task of explaining the design and its elements to the client easy.

  • Perfect for marketing

    3D rendering companies offer projects a massive bandwidth of marketing. The images developed by using a 3D rendering studio can be used to publish in handbooks, websites, and billboards to market the project way before it is built up. It helps build impressive presentations for future investor meetings.

  • Time-saver

    3D design services make it easy to share the designs with the clients, thereby saving the time of both parties. Even if they come back with any changes, they can be incorporated quickly and the models can be changed.

  • Cost-effective methodology

    3D rendering studio is a one-time investment and saves a lot of money going further. Quicker and cheaper ways to create real-life like objects become very cost-effective with 3D view rendering. The remodeling tasks can be done without any additional cost.

  • Identify design flaws

    3D rendering helps architects identify the design flaws and correct them very easily. Some aspects of designs are difficult to visualize using 2D drawings but 3D construction rendering offers architects a full view of internal and external design to make sure nothing is missed.

  • Flawless communication

    3D rendered designs are way too self-explanatory and aids in clear communications between the architect and the clients. It helps architects overcome the hassles of explaining the architectural advantages of some design elements without too much to do.

Guaranteed Client Satisfaction

With 3D interior and exterior contractor project rendering, client satisfaction is all but guaranteed. It is a very powerful tool that makes it easy for clients to connect to the aesthetics of the designs. The 3D township rendering has proved to be very effective in improving the salability of the designs. It is beneficial both for architects and stakeholders as it becomes easy for them to convince the clients.


We need to understand that 3D rendering is not just plain images or 3D model, it is very close to what the final product looks and feels like.  With advancements in technology, virtual reality also has been added to 3D rendering where the clients can walk in the design and make desired changes in real-time to offer feedback to the architects. Becoming an indispensable part of an architect’s workstyle, 3D rendering has significantly lowered the time and effort that went into building 2D and 3D models. These models were hardly very impressive as the time limitations and cost-friendliness had to be kept in mind.

BluEntCad is a leader amongst 3D rendering companies. A technical team of software professionals develops customized rendering software that makes your work more productive. Bringing you cutting edge solutions at cost-effective rates, we are building intuitive solutions to architects. Have you been looking for a better way to design and market your layouts, we invite you to talk to our experts.

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