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13 Jan 2020

3D Interior Rendering and Exterior Rendering Importance in Architecture

Exterior and interior 3D architectural rendering have changed the way design perspectives are created in the AEC industry.

3D rendering an important aspect of project visualization

Being able to visualize ideas coming off paper helps in understanding a project more clearly. With architectural rendering services, you can breathe life into new ideas. Architectural renderings are used by realtors, architects, contractors, and clients – give all stakeholders a common vision and expectation from the final product.

Believe it or not, but architectural 3D rendering in USA has sold apartments before the projects were finished. Take the condo towers in Midtown Manhattan, for instance. These ultra-slim, taller, and chic towers broke records for buying super-luxury aeries.

Computer-generated renders offer an extremely important resolution – they act as indispensable design and communication aids to stakeholders who often struggle to understand traditional drawings. They communicate design intent effectively by stimulating the design process visually to reveal the qualities of a space. Ultimately, these renders allow viewers in visualizing the space, permitting inflow of further design ideas due to better spatial understanding.

Benefits of construction rendering

  • Creation of life-like images from just an idea

    3D interior rendering and 3D exterior rendering introduces light effects, ventilation proportions, aesthetics, textures, and acoustics in a design. So, an idea that was just a concept inside a client’s mind is now a full-fledged building with unique detailing, setting, functionality, and appearance. It can be difficult to sell a vacant plot of land, but with architectural 3D rendering, clients will get more than a fair idea of how the project will eventually turn out.

    No more guesswork whether the client will like the actual constructed building – all you need is a render to set things in perspective. And no, we’re not just talking about the design features; you can view the building from different angles, highlight landscape, natural elements surrounding the building, create real-life replicas of interiors post finishing, and ask your clients to take a 3D virtual walkthrough the neighborhood of their future apartment or office.

  • Showcasing individual elements

    While architectural renderings show the project as a whole, 3D exterior rendering and interior 3D rendering can also highlight room-by-room details such as materials, colors, finishes, textures, doors & windows, cabinetry, interior trim, and roofing types. Plus, you can also see how natural light is going to affect illumination in different rooms.

  • Keeping all stakeholders on the same page

    Internal and external design is not just the work of an architect. It involves engineers, designers, and software professionals who brainstorm to create exclusive and practically feasible designs. With 3D design services, everyone can work simultaneously on the same design and deliver within the promised timelines.

  • Perfect for marketing

    Design and building are extremely cut-throat industries and architectural 3D rendering is your ticket to winning the jackpot. You can take your presentations to a whole new level with 3D renders, letting your clients view your talent, creativity, and passion first-hand.

    Clients often get confused between two or more potential builders. In such a scenario, a fantastic presentation with crisp renders can put your proposal in the driving seat.

  • Ability to become truly global

    The biggest and probably the only asset technology has compared to human interaction is its convenience. You might be in one corner of the world and your client in the other corner, but with digital renders, you still stand the chance to impress them and win the construction bid.

  • Save big on both time and money

    3D architectural rendering services makes it easy to share designs with clients – all you need to do is to convert the file into a readable format within the software and share it with your clients. Even if they come back with any changes, they can be incorporated quickly and the models can be changed.

    Moreover, making amends is a regular file is cheaper than breaking down and reworking a constructed building, so, construction rendering is pocket-friendly as well.

  • Identify design flaws

    3D rendering helps architects identify and rectify design flaws. Some aspects of designs might be difficult to visualize in 2D, but 3D construction rendering offers a complete view of internal and external space; making sure nothing is amiss.

    3D construction rendering

Why hire a professional 3D rendering company?

A 3D model is very close to what the final product will appear like – and this is why, it’s important to get the right partner for your architectural 3D rendering service. BluEntCAD is a leading 3D rendering company in USA and Canada. Bringing you cutting edge solutions at cost-effective rates, we build intuitive renders for commercial and residential projects. Request a demo today!

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