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09 Dec 2020

What Constitutes Proper Construction Documentation?

Here are the vital components that should be a part of construction documentation.

Construction is a sector that every individual relies on for hospitals, schools, residential areas, and even great works of architecture. To get the most out of the process, construction documents needs to be maintained on a regular basis.

Shares of the builders and the client at least partially depend on this. In the digital world, information gets shared at lightning speed. Hence, it is important to get the information corrected regularly.

Importance of Construction Documents

To begin the documentation process, it is necessary to prepare a well-designed construction project documents list. The documentation assists the claim settlement in a seamless manner. This is done by establishing the stability of the documents on the entitled claim.

If a builder claims something orally, the claim may not be settled. However, if the statements are backed by the proper papers, the claim gets settled immediately, without further query. 

Basic Checklist for Proper Documentation

Let’s take a look at the basic points that cover the Construction Project Documentation Template:

  • Bid Documents: These are the documents needed to prove the professionalism and honesty of the concerned professional. This clears the additional costs of the projects, along with the underlying amount of the entire contract. It also includes unit pricing, takeoffs, supplier bids, subcontractor, profit markups, etc.

  • Purchase Order & Construction Contract: To give the construction a clean chit, the construction contract should abide by all the rules and regulations set by the concerned authority.

  • Project Diaries: Every detail of all the projects must be maintained in a diary for accurate information like weather condition, delivery of crucial materials, discovery of hidden site contents, important conversations, third-party on-site visits, etc.

  • Schedule Data & Devices: It is important to take note of delays and the reasons for them to have a strong hold on the claims. Only the excusable, critical, and compensable reasons for delay can be allowed. This can only be established if the schedule of the project is decided at the time of the project bid.

  • Change Orders & Change Order Logs: Every project has its own order and it can change as per requirements. With more delays in responding to the change orders, the project completion also gets delayed. Hence, it is essential to maintain the records perfectly to get the requirements accepted.

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It is very important to maintain the construction documentation components so that the project is not unnecessarily delayed. If the documents are well-managed and integrated, then the process gets completed with reduced effort and capital.

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