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01 Jun 2017

Key Facts of BluEnt’s Construction Documentation Experience

Construction documentation forms the foundation of any structure or commercial buildings. These blueprints, now created digitally, are significantly relied upon to facilitate the entire construction process. They serve as the guidelines for building and housing construction. The drawings and blueprints use different techniques to communicate the structure plans and concepts in the most effective and accurate ways.

Quality is the key feature in any architectural construction document services. An accurate and detailed set of working drawings and specifications assures the clients that they will get the space that they have envisioned for themselves. It also helps them to understand the cost of the project even before construction begins. This gives them enough time to work through the changes to maintain their pre-decided budget.

BluEntCAD’s team including the project managers and architects ensure the details of the working drawings are based on their client’s needs and experience. All their digital blueprints show accurate materials and measurements. With the help of 3D imagery, the clients are able to see the completed project with every small detail covered.

Here are the 4 top key facets of BluEntCAD’s construction documentation experience:

A seamless coordination process with documents available every member:

Teamwork is of great significance when it comes to carrying out any construction project. The entire team and the clients need to be on the same page in order to successfully complete the building of a structure. The new technological developments that have emerged in the last few years have focused on achieving the same. Building Information Model (BIM) reinforces a seamless coordination process between all the members involved in a single project.

BIM ensures that a standard and precise set of architectural documentation is accessible by everyone. This allows the employees to stay well connected and informed. By using Revit, the team is able to store all the working drawings in a single project file. This allows multiple members to access and work on the same file simultaneously. It helps in merging all the modifications and additions during the entire construction process. This is one of the most significant ways to ensure an efficient and methodical documentation process. With the team not being well informed on every aspect and element of the project then solving a complex problem can be a nightmare.

Overcoming obstacles and challenges with ease

Each construction project is unique and to build any kind of a structure is a monumental task. It involves a large number of processes and phases. Whether a project is complex or not, it does face many obstacles during the entire process. However, with an accurate set of digital blueprints, which incorporates design and minute details by experts, the challenges are mounted more efficiently.

Clients and the team members have access to the working drawings that are painfully detailed. Thus the errors are addressed during the preparation of construction drawings itself. Since the superior quality digital blueprints incorporate every little step in the construction process both parties are able to detect and rectify most of the mistakes way early in the design process.

The documentation process is an age-old phenomenon, however, BluEnt’s team consisting of expert professionals are managing it flawlessly. By recruiting the right employees who have had specialized training and experience, it becomes easier to manage the complex obstacles in an efficient manner.

Saving both the parties extra time and money

There is a lot at stake in every building project. While we have clients putting in an enormous amount of money to create their future space, the employees put in years to meet their expectations. Even the smallest of mistakes in the CD sets can lead to a great loss of both time and money. This can cause significant damage to the entire construction project. With access to the working drawings, these errors are either avoided or solved quickly and productively saving both a huge amount of loss.

Overshooting client’s expectations, going beyond the basics

There was a time when drafters would take months to manually draft the drawings and it would take longer if there were rough layouts involved. Meeting client’s expectations was a task, let alone exceeding them. However, with Revit revolutionizing the sector, clients are able to view their future project in a shorter span of time. Drafters don’t spend time on hand drawings; instead focus more on coming up with innovative and creative ideas. The new technologies are thus helping organizations like BluEnt to exceed client expectations by generating painfully detailed reports that are very informative.

BluEnt’s team’s focal point is the quality and accuracy of construction documents. We use team members who have extensive knowledge and understand their client’s design intent, to work on the CD sets. Our entire team work in tandem to deliver the most valuable digital blueprints.

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