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09 Apr 2018

Looking For a Product Renderer or 3D Artist?

Are you searching for a product renderer or a 3D artist for your next project

Product rendering and product visualization can be beautifully used to create high-definition and photorealistic imagery for your marketing and advertising purposes Earlier, marketers would depend upon artists and professional photographers to create the right ambience through colors, lighting, shadow, colors and textures but now all they need is a good product renderer or 3D artist who can bring out a completely visualized design of your idea. With the client’s approval, he can create now attractive designs and images of their products and attract the audience’s attention.

What is Product rendering generally used for?

  1. Giving a concrete shape to your design ideas that would be used for advertising or marketing.

  2. Creating photorealistic product images without the physical product, lighting, shadows, color and textures.

  3. Creating high-definition images without any expensive hardware or software.

  4. To attract the customer and compel them to think about your product, and purchase it if interested.

How do you look for a good product renderer or 3D artist online?

  • The Internet

    The Internet is an awesome source of knowledge, and it can be used to search for anything under the sun – so why not a product renderer or a 3D artist? You just need to specify your exact demands on the internet and receive information on 3D rendering studios near you. As a result, you can just walk up to the nearby studio and see if the quality suits your need, and start discussing plans with the designers. If you can’t find anything good near you, you can always go online and look for online 3D rendering services.

    Before you choose a product renderer, ensure that he will be able to meet deadlines yet maintain a consistent quality in his work, and the number of revisions he would undertake. Most 3D rendering studios ask for an advance payment before starting new work, while many take payment only after the work is done and the client is happy and satisfied with the result. You also want to keep the price in mind and see if it’s reasonable and actually worthy of the kind of work you’re looking for. While most product rendering services simply send you the invoice directly, while some others give you a wide range of 3D artists to choose from!

  • Recommendations

    You can always find some great work recommendations from your friends, relatives and co-workers at social gatherings. Ask genuine well-wishers and reliable people about options, and see which one goes the best for your purpose. Interpersonal networking can be quite useful in a way, especially if you’re in a field such as entertainment and media, where making professional connections is an important element. You’re looking for a product renderer or 3D artist whose style and technique, and whose portfolio grabs your interest right away! Recommendations also help in deciding the image of the particular product renderer, and you can also ask some basic questions regarding his quality and consistency.

  • Employment agencies

    You can look for freelance or full-time 3D artists on almost every job-searching website, especially if you’re catering to game-related industries. However, smaller 3D afford a “listings” or a “finders” fee and look for 3D artists on websites and communities that work with 3D, which again include gaming communities, interactive media or even game production. You can also find 3D artists that work specifically with certain technology such as art tools, middleware, ancillary material or rendering engines looking for work.

  • 3D rendering platforms

    3D rendering platforms are one of the best places to go, as they usually come with a huge network of 3D artists to help you find just the person you need. Most of such platforms also allow you to look through 3D artist profiles and portfolios online, so that you can choose whom to work with. You can easily have a glance at their style and experience to see if they suit your project needs, and at very reasonable prices.


Thanks to the internet and technology, finding a product renderer or a 3D artist has never been easier. Though opinions differ from one recruiter to another, these are some of the places where you find product renderers and 3D artists in abundance. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll surely find just the person you need.

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