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04 Nov 2022

Mansion vs McMansion: Is There Really a Difference?

Mansion vs McMansion. One is considered stately, luxurious, and sought-after, while the other is derided as an obnoxious symbol of American excess. But is there really a difference? Where is the line between “luxurious” and “excessive”?

If you’re considering constructing either one, it’s important to know the differences between the two. This, along with accurate 3D architectural rendering, will help you to achieve that perfect look.

Introduction: Mansion vs McMansion

You can ask what the term “McMansion” means to three people and get as many different answers. Some people will use it to mean a large house. Others will say it describes a house with bad architecture. Still others will state that it is a symbol of issues such as rampant consumerism.

Even within these definitions, there are complexities. For instance, what constitutes a “large” house? Is it a 3,000 square-foot house? Or a 10,000 square-foot one?

Now let’s turn to mansions. These houses are often described as tasteful, well-designed, and built with high-quality materials. Furthermore, they are built in proportion to their grounds, environment, and neighborhood.

But the questions remain. For instance, what is “tasteful”? What is “well designed”?
Let’s dive a little deeper.

What is a Mansion?

Arguably even harder to define than a McMansion is a mansion.

Real estate agents rarely use the term “mansion” in listings, unless it is part of a well-known house’s name, such as Gracie Mansion or Wrigley Mansions. While everyone does have a vague picture of a grand home in mind when they hear the word, it can arguably not be considered an architectural style.  

Perhaps the most important aspect of mansions – aside from their size – is that they are meant to be works of art: custom, unique homes designed by architects. Development, aesthetics, harmony and design are all important when it comes to constructing a mansion. It should always strive for a tasteful end-result; if ostentation can be avoided, it should.

Here are some primary features of mansions:

  • Mansions are made with high-quality materials. This influences not just the appearance of the home, but the durability and sustainability. Often, you find materials and features such as Italian marble, decorative granite, wood herringbone and high-end stainless steel appliances. While McMansions are built with an eye on the finish line, this is not so for mansions.

  • Areas for entertainment and extracurricular activities are prominent in mansions. These can include fully equipped gyms, music rooms, cabanas, indoor saunas and spas, in-house movie theatres, and billiards rooms, for example. Mansions built in the 20th century often had ballrooms and lounges as well – some even had greenhouses, conservatories, or libraries.

  • Mansions have lavish grounds with immaculate landscaping. Think water features, motor courts, fire pits, guesthouses, formal or Zen gardens, sports facilities, ponds and lakes, large garages, and even hiking trails. Indeed, many mansions are found on waterfront property.

  • Expect top-of-the-line appliances, smart home features, sustainable materials/green architecture, and high-end security systems in mansions.

What is a McMansion?

“McMansion” is a portmanteau of the words “McDonald’s” and “mansions”. They are sometimes also called garage mahals. They are generally considered the architectural equivalent of fast food – mass produced, cheap, generic, and somehow still popular.

The McMansion dates back to 1980s California. However, the rise of this architectural style really reached its height during the global financial crisis that led to the Great Recession in 2008.

It is around this time that developers began bulldozing existing houses and replacing them with McMansions – homes meant for upper middle class Americans. These homes had certain distinguishing features that established them as an iconic part of the American suburban landscape (in a bad way, many would argue).

Early McMansions were a hodgepodge of various architectural styles, such as Mediterranean and Georgian. After the Great Recession’s onset, they began to fall out of favor. (However, the tendency to supersize continued – many mid-century modern homes are still being upsized and dubbed “McModerns”.)

Here are some of the defining features of modern McMansions:

  • Many McMansions look identical – as if they’re made from the same cookie cutter, so to speak. The idea is that, like McDonald’s food, they have neither uniqueness nor class.

  • At least 3,000 square feet.

  • Random interior features that result in strange layouts and mismatching exteriors.

  • Developer-driven instead of architect-driven.

  • The desire to appear luxurious is often juxtaposed with the use of cheap-low quality materials.

  • Details such as windows and rooflines often clash.

  • Double-storied “great rooms” with echoey acoustics and large windows. (Avoid this – get your acoustics right.)

  • A mishmash of sometimes unrelated architectural styles without apparent integrity or coherence.

  • Wasted or inefficient usage of space.

  • Often two or more stories.

  • Tall ceilings and enormous chandeliers.

  • Palladian windows, oversized columns, and multiple chimneys.

  • Multiple garages with space for over four cars.

  • En suites with each bedroom or multiple bathrooms


Ultimately, the differences between mansions vs McMansions can be boiled down to one thing: the use of high-quality materials and services. However, if you’d rather build a McMansion than a mansion, go for it! It’s all about what you prefer.

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